The Future of Networking and the Rise of Cloud Networking Engineer in 2023!

cloud networking engineer

Up in the Clouds: The Future of Networking and the Rise of Cloud Networking Engineer in 2023!

Cloud computing alters how companies operate, resulting in a new framework of choice for delivering and managing data and applications. Today, many firms have invested in and shifted to cloud technology for various reasons.

According to IDC, global spending on social cloud projects and infrastructure services is expected to reach $5 trillion by 2023, near from $229 billion throughout 2019. And, as with any rapidly evolving technology, job opportunities are expanding in tandem.

This article will go over how to become a cloud engineer. However, once you can learn how to be an additional one, you must first comprehend the basics of cloud computing and why you should consider it. Keep reading the article to find out more about the cloud networking engineer job role. We will also take a look at different cloud networking engineer certifications.

What is a Cloud Networking?

Cloud networking manages and distributes applications and data across a system using cloud-based services and infrastructure. Primarily, it entails maximizing cloud computing’s scalability and performance to improve the quality and efficiency of networking operations.

Cloud networking can improve network-related actions, such as data backup and storage, application delivery, security, etc. It enables businesses to scale their network resources easily and quickly without worrying more about costs and difficulties associated with the conventional networking infrastructure.

Who is a Cloud Networking Engineer?

cloud networking engineer

A cloud networking engineer is a professional designing, applying, and managing cloud-based connections for industries and organizations. Cloud technology is a networking technology that empowers information to be stockpiled and retrieved over the internet instead of a local network. Because of its low rate, scalability, and flexibility, this technology has full-grown in admiration in recent years.

Cloud networking engineers are answerable for developing and upholding a secure, trustworthy, high-performance substructure that meets the organization’s needs. They collaborate with other IT professionals, like software engineers, sys admins, and security specialists, to ensure the network is optimized for the organization’s apps and data storage needs.

A structural approach in networking basics, such as route discovery, switching, and security, is required for a position as a cloud networking engineer. Cloud networking engineers must also be knowledgeable in the community cloud, including AWS (Amazon Web Services), Azure, and the GCP (Google Cloud Platform). They should also be familiar with virtualization technologies like VMware and also Hyper-V.

A professional cloud network engineer is essential in ensuring that companies and organizations can reap the advantages associated with cloud computing. They can design, incorporate, and maintain a consistent and effective network structure that allows organizations to accomplish their goals efficiently and effectively using their expert knowledge of cloud networking technologies. A professional cloud network engineer can do what others can’t do.

What are the Required Cloud Network Engineer Skills?


Cloud computing has evolved into the basis for current digital infrastructure. Because of the growing demands for cloud computing, the responsibility of a cloud network engineer is more significant than ever. A cloud network engineer is answerable for designing, integrating, and sustaining cloud-based substructures that meet an organization’s corporate needs. However, becoming a cloud network engineer requires specialized knowledge beyond traditional wired engineering.

Knowledge of cloud platforms such as AWS (Amazon web services), Azure, and Google Cloud Platform is among the essential abilities needed for a cloud network engineer (GCP). Cloud network engineers should be capable of implementing, configuring, and maintaining these platforms’ network components.

Aside from cloud network engineer skills, cloud network technicians should be well-versed in communication protocols such as TCP/IP, Hypertext transfer protocol, DNS, and SSL. They should be able to identify and troubleshoot network problems and design protective and dependable network architectures capable of supporting cloud-based applications.

A Professional cloud network engineer should have soft abilities like communication, cooperation, and problem-solving in addition to their technical skills. They must be able to collaborate with cross-functional sides, such as software engineers, security specialists, and project managers, to distribute cloud-based solutions to gratify business requirements.

5 Best Cloud Network Engineer Certifications in 2023

Cloud network engineers will be in plentiful supply in 2023 as businesses depend primarily on cloud-based technology. As a result, specialists seeking to advance their careers in this field may benefit from obtaining a cloud network engineer certification.

To assist you in your professional development, we have assembled a list of the top five cloud network engineer certifications in 2023.

AWS Professional Certified Professional DevOps Engineer

The AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional training program is designed for cloud network engineers who want to improve continuous deployment and delivery (CI/CD) procedures, optimize infrastructure deployment, and maintain app performance on the AWS platform. To obtain this certification, you must comprehensively understand Aws resources and DevOps practices such as containerization, mechanization, and monitoring. It is one of the best cloud networking engineering courses.

The above certification requires you to pass a difficult exam that evaluates your expertise and abilities in these areas.

Azure Solutions Architect Expert – Microsoft Certified

The Microsoft Accredited: Azure Solutions Architect Specialist certification is intended for cloud network technicians skilled at developing and deploying remedies on the Azure platform. This certification proves your knowledge of designing, deploying, and managing scalable, stable, and high-availability cloud solutions based on Azure technologies. The exam covers network security, configuration management, data storage, and computing. It is the best certification for a cloud networking engineer.

Professional Cloud Network Engineer at Google Cloud

The Google Professional Cloud Network Engineer certification is perfect for cloud network engineers who specialize in designing and implementing alternatives for Google Cloud Platform (GCP). It is one of the best cloud networking engineering courses present today. It also enhances the cloud network engineer’s skills and expertise. This certification verifies your knowledge of setting up and handling scalable, dependable, and highly secure infrastructure and services on the GCP framework. You must develop your ability to develop and implement network solutions using GCP techniques such as VPC, Bandwidth Allocation, and VPN to obtain this certification. It is one of the best cloud network engineer certifications.

CompTIA Cloud+ certification

CompTIA Cloud+ credential is an outstanding product for a cloud networking engineer looking to authenticate their cloud computing abilities and expertise. This certification covers a variety of cloud computing concepts, such as virtualization, infrastructural facilities, security, and upkeep. It also covers cloud computing’s practical aspects, such as migration, implementation, and troubleshooting. This credential is vendor-neutral, which means it is not specific to any cloud platform or vendor. A cloud networking engineer having CompTIA Cloud+ credentials will prove your ability. It is the best credential for a cloud networking engineer.

Cloud Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA)

cloud networking engineer

The Cisco CCNA Cloud credential is perfect for cloud network technicians who work with Cisco techniques and want to substantiate their knowledge of developing and executing Cisco cloud solutions. This course includes facilities, virtualization, communications networks, and cloud security, among other topics. This certification requires the successful completion of two tests: CLDFND & CLDADM. It is the best certification for cloud networking engineers.


If you want to take the certification exam but want to know about the platform from which you can prepare, Troytec is the best platform to prepare for the certification exam in less than 6 weeks. Lastly, the rise of cloud networking has significantly changed how we approach networking. As more individuals and businesses adopt cloud-based remedies, the demand for experts to develop, deploy, and maintain these networks grows. In this changing landscape, the role of cloud networking engineers is significant because they bring a unique set of skills that integrates multiple networking knowledge with a comprehension of cloud computing technologies.

Looking fast, it is clear that cloud technology will endure playing an indispensable role in the information technology sector. Those who can modify and maintain a competitive edge will fare well in this exciting development. Comment if you have questions about cloud networking engineering or its related components.

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