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Juniper Security Associate

Before taking the JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam certifications, you may have concerns about the test format, the questions asked, the difficulty level, and the amount of time necessary to finish the questions. These Juniper Networks Certified JN0-231 Security Associate exam practice questions and demo exam can help you clear your concerns and prepare for the examination.

The best way to pass the JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam is to test and upgrade your knowledge. We recommend that you prepare with the JN0-231 Security Associate exam to test your knowledge and find areas for development using the actual exam format. A practice test is decisive for preparing for the Juniper Security Associate exam. It may help you discover your abilities and shortcomings, improve your organizational skills, and estimate your desired outcome.

Continue reading and exploring how to pass the Juniper security associate exam with the highest marks in 2024. Moreover, we will discuss some of the JN0-231 exam sample questions so that you can clearly understand what our exam preparation materials are included.

What is the JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate Exam?

The JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam covers various security subjects, including safety procedures, firewalls, malware detection and prevention, virtual private networks, and network security protocols. The JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam also assesses a candidate’s understanding of security procedures and industry norms.

The JN0-231, formerly referred to as the Protection, Associate (JNCIA-SEC), allows Juniper to examine a variety of subjects, as do all examinations. Understanding the bulk of JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam content is essential because they check at random on the numerous possible subjects. Be aware. However, that experience needs frequently exist because they have observed the ordinary individual and what is necessary. You can overcome it and prevail with the JN0-231 Security Associate exam, but it requires more effort.

Applicants for the JN0-231 test should be familiar with networking technologies like routing & switching and security ideas and technologies.

Achievement of the JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam will indicate to employers and colleagues that the individual understands security concepts and technology. It is also an excellent starting point for individuals looking to improve their professional lives in the security area and qualify for higher-level security certifications.

JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate Exam Details

Here are the details for the JN0-231 Juniper Exam that you must know before taking the actual exam in 2024:

  • Exam Name: Juniper Security Associate – JNCIA-SEC
  • Exam Code: JN0-231
  • Exam Vendor: Juniper
  • Number of Questions: 65
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 60 to 70%
  • Exam Fee: $200 USD

JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate Exam Syllabus

Here is the exam syllabus for the JN0-231 exam syllabus:

  1. SRX-Series devices

  • Identify ideas or general aspects of the SRX Series devices.
  • Interfaces
  • Hardware
  • Initial setup.
  • Traffic flow and security processing
  • vSRX
  1. Junos Security Objects

  • Identify the ideas or general operation of security zones, screens, addresses, or service objects.
  • Zones
  • Displays
  • Addresses/Address Books
  1. Security policies

  • Describe the principles, advantages, and functioning of security policies.
  • Zone-based policy.
  • Policies worldwide
  • Application Firewall
  • Unified safety procedures
  • Integrated user protection.
  1. Juniper’s Advanced Threat Defense

  • Identify the ideas, advantages, and operations of Juniper ATP Cloud.
  • General function.
  • Blocking devices
  1. Translation of networking addresses

  • Describe the basics, advantages, and operations of NAT.
  • Source NAT
  • Destination network address
  • Static NAT
  1. Ipsec

  • Identify the ideas, advantages, and operations of IPsec VPNs.
  • IPsec tunnel setup
  • IPsec traffic processing
  • IPsec site-to-site Virtual Private Networks
  • Juniper Secure Connect
  1. Unified Threat Management, or UTM

  • Identify the ideas, advantages, and operations of UTM.
  • Content Blocking
  • Web filtering
  • Antivirus software
  • Antispam
  1. Monitoring, Reporting, and Debugging

  • Describe the tracking, reporting, or logging techniques for Juniper security products and services.
  • J-Web
  • Sky Enterprise
  • Junos Space Defense Director

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JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate Exam Sample Questions

Juniper Security Associate

Here are the sample questions for the JN0-231 Juniper exam you must study before purchasing our complete PDF material:


Question 1:

You’re setting an SRX Series device to work with an alternative IPsec VPN gateway that utilizes rules to establish the VPN.

In this case, what settings must be made for the VPN to function correctly?

  1. Complete forward secrecy
  2. VPN Monitoring
  3. Re-keying
  4. Proxy IDs


Question 2:

You’ve been assigned the task of configuring SRX Series devices so that they may connect to your web servers. The webservers possess an IP address that is private, and transmissions must utilize NAT to communicate with the Internet. You do not want the web servers to make connections to external updating servers on the Internet utilizing the same IP address that clients use to access them.

What two NAT kinds must be utilized to execute this project? (Choose two.

  1. Static NAT
  2. Hairpin NAT.
  3. Destination NAT
  4. Source NAT


Question 3:

You are prompted to confirm that an Appscore license has been downloaded on an SRX Series device.

In this circumstance, which program will provide you with the necessary information?

  1. user@srx> Display system license
  2. user@srx> display services accounting.
  3. user@srx> show the configuration system
  4. user@srx> Display chassis firmware.


Question 4:

You’re looking at a communication issue between two hosts. You have started a session with the SRX Series device nearest to one of them, entering the display security flow sessions command.

What details will this command provide? (Choose two.

  1. The session’s overall active time
  2. The packets’ end-to-end data route
  3. The IP of the device or computer that initiated the connection
  4. The security policy name that governs the session.


Question 5:

What is the standard dead peer detection (DPD) period for an IPsec VPN tunnel?

  1. 20 seconds.
  2. 5 seconds.
  3. 10 seconds
  4. 40 seconds.


Question 6:

You wish to enable the most basic Juniper ATP services on a branch SRX Series router.

In this case, what are the two needs for completing this task? (Choose two.

  1. Set up a basic Juniper ATP license for the branch device.
  2. Set up the Juniper-atp login account for the branch device.
  3. Sign up for a Juniper ATP login at https://sky.junipersecurity.net.
  4. Run the Juniper ATP script from the branch device.


Question 7:

Which of the following statements concerning global NAT address durability are correct?

  1. All sessions from a particular host will be allocated the same IP address within the source NAT pool.
  2. The same Internet Protocol (IP) address from an origin NAT pool is unlikely to be assigned to all connections from a single host.
  3. The same IP address from the destination NAT pool will be assigned to all sessions for a particular host.
  4. The same IP address within an endpoint NAT pool isn’t sure to be assigned to all sessions for a particular host.


Question 8:

You wish to grant remote access to an in-house development environment to ten distant developers.

To meet this requirement, which two elements are necessary to deploy Juniper Secure Connect? (Choose two.

  1. Extra license for an SRX Series device
  2. Juniper Secure Connected software 
  3. SRX Series device featuring SPC3 services card
  4. Marvis virtual network aid.


Question 9:

Your ISP assigns you an IP address of and notifies you that the default port is You set up destination NAT for your internal server; however, queries to the server at do not reach the server.

In this instance, which two config features must be added? (Choose two)

  1. firewall filter.
  2. Security Policy.
  3. Proxy-ARP 
  4. UTM Policy


Question 10:

What is the function of the host-inbound traffic setup illustrated in the exhibit?

  1. To enable the host’s incoming HTTP traffic while denying all other traffic on the internal security zone.
  2. To refuse and log all host incoming data on the internal security zone, excluding HTTP traffic.
  3. Allow all incoming traffic on the internal safety zone, but deny HTTP traffic.
  4. To allow the host incoming HTTP traffic inside the internal security zone.



The Security track allows you to demonstrate a complete grasp of security technologies in general and the Junos OS software for SRX Family devices. JNCIA-SEC, the associate-level certificate in this track, is intended for networking professionals with a basic to intermediate understanding of the Juniper Networks Junos System for SRX Series devices. The written JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam tests your knowledge of security technologies and platform setup and troubleshooting abilities.

Troytec JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam practice test program is another essential and popular JN0-231 JNCIA-SEC Desktop practice test program. It is essentially a Desktop Security Associate JN0-231 mock test that may be used to learn about the kinds and structure of the final JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam questions.

Studying for an exam like the JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate might become a full-time job. Because specific tests are so rigorous, work pays for them. Certification is complex and time-consuming. It requires time, practice, and a clear focus. We at Troytec realize that. We understand this since we have been in the industry for years and have worked in an environment with many less-savory test prep providers.

It might be challenging to stay focused on your JN0-231 Juniper Security Associate exam studies but realize that the top careers in the world are just a few examinations away. Whether you work in security or entry-level technology, certification offers a clear, accessible, and gratifying road to high-paying professions.

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