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Juniper Security Exam

Are you concerned about how you’re preparing for the JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam? Taking the Juniper test is difficult, but you can reap several rewards if you succeed. The most effective strategy to pass the JN0-635 Security Exam is to use a trusted source of preparation. Several online learning resources are available to help you study for the Juniper test; however, not all of them ensure success in the JN0-635 Security Professional exam certification on your first try.

Passing the certification is not easy, and it becomes more difficult when we discuss the JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam. However, studying for any certification exam takes a lot of dedication and hard work. Moreover, the best guidance and material about the exam will make any candidate pass the exam in one try. Therefore, we are here to assist you in the best possible way to help you pass the JN0-635 Juniper security exam on the first attempt.

Continue reading and exploring to learn how to prepare for the JN0-635 exam. We will also share some sample questions you will go through to get an idea of what we are offering in our exam preparation guide.

What is the JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam?

Juniper Security Exam

The JN0-635 Juniper Security exam covers Juniper Networks safety equipment and methods, safety protocols, security policy administration, virtual private networks, and translating network addresses. It also addresses advanced issues, including intrusion detection and prevention, high performance, and scalable security.

You must complete the JN0-635 Juniper Security exam certification, an expert security distinction issued by the famous Juniper Networks, and you must complete the JN0-635 Security Professional exam certification. The JNCIP-SEC certification is offered at the professional level, and it is aimed at networking experts with extensive work experience and knowledge of the Juniper Networks Junos OS for SRX Model devices. This certificate allows you to prove your security abilities by using sophisticated security technologies, network configuration, and troubleshooting procedures.

The JN0-635 Juniper Security exam, also known as the Security Professional, allows Juniper to examine a variety of subjects, as do all tests. That implies knowing the bulk of JN0-635 content is necessary because the JN0-635 Security Professional exam certification is given at random on the many subjects accessible. Be aware. However, that experience requirements frequently exist because they have observed the ordinary individual and what is necessary. You can always push past it to succeed with the JN0-635 Juniper Security exam, but it will require more effort.

Successfully passing the JN0-635 Juniper Security exam and gaining the JNCIP-SEC certification provides various advantages to the individual, including higher earning potential, better career possibilities, and recognition as a highly qualified security expert. This accreditation also boosts a professional’s résumé, allowing them to stand out in the employment market.

The JN0-635 Juniper Security exam is a challenging yet rewarding assessment of an applicant’s capacity to operate and protect complex networks.

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Juniper Security Exam

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JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam Topics

The official JN0-635 security exam topics are:

  • Topic 1: Show how to install or manage Juniper ATP, remote-access VPNs, Routing with IPsec, and Dynamic Gateways
  • Topic 2: Show how to install, debug, and monitor advanced IPsec functionality/overlapping Internet Protocol (IP) addresses.
  • Topic 3: Explain the ideas, operation, and usefulness of Juniper ATP/ Show how to configure, debug, and monitor firewall filters.
  • Topic 4: Discrete traffic processing, filter-based transmission, debugging with firewall filters, and showing how to implement or monitor the prevention of threats
  • Topic 5: Show how to solve problems or monitor security regulations or security zones/Describe the ideas or operations of security conformance.
  • Topic 6: Explain the ideas, operation, or functioning of firewall filtering and ACLs/malicious lateral flow detection or mitigation.
  • Topic 7: Explain the ideas, operation, or usefulness of edge safety features and show how to build, debug, or monitor sophisticated NAT scenarios.
  • Topic 8: Explain how to set up or monitor Layer 2 security, identify or mitigate malware, and describe the ideas, operation, and functioning of logical systems.
  • Topic 9: Describe the ideas, operation, or function of threat mitigation and Advanced Network Addressing Translation.
  • Topic 10: Ideas, functioning, and functionality of enhanced NAT capability/enhanced Threat Protection


JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam Sample Questions

Juniper Security Exam

Here are the Juniper Security exam sample questions. You must have a clear idea of what our PDF file contains:

Question 1:

JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam

Your firm has bought a rival and needs to link the new network to the previous one. The competitor’s gateway equipment receives its ISP address via DHCP. Communication between both websites must be secure, yet securing a static public IP address for the newly established gateway is not feasible at this moment. The firm has a few needs for this solution:

  • A site-to-site IPsec VPN must be employed to safeguard traffic between the two locations.
  • The IKE identification on the brand-new site gateway device must utilize the hostname option.
  • Internet traffic from every location should escape via its local internet link.
  • The setup presented in the exhibit was implemented in the new site’s SRX, but the safe tunnel is not operational.

In this instance, what configuration adjustment is required for the tunnel to function?

  1. Remove the quotation marks surrounding the hostname.
  2. Bind connection ST0 to the gateway.
  3. Set the IKE policy mode to aggressive.
  4. Set a static address for ge-0/0/2.


Question 2:

You are prompted to set up notifications whenever one of your collector traffic streams falls below 100 kbps.

Which two configuration settings must be specified to complete this task? (Choose two.

  1. Create a traffic SNMP monitor on the JATP appliance.
  2. Create a logging notice on the JATP appliance.
  3. Create a general provoked alert on the JATP appliance.
  4. Create a traffic-related alert on the JATP appliance.


Question 3:

When would you apply the port-overloading-factor one setting?

  1. To turn on port-overloading
  2. To deactivate the port overloading
  3. To map connections with a 1:1 ratio for port overloading.
  4. Set the highest possible port-overloading capacity to 65,536.


Question 4:

You have set up three logical tunnel interfaces in a tenant system using an SRX1500 device. Making the configuration fails.

In this circumstance, what would be the cause of the problem?

  1. There is no GRE tunnel connecting the tenant system and master system, permitting SSH communication.
  2. No VPLS is switching on any tenant system with a peer—it-0/0/0 interface.
  3. The SRX1500 device supports no more than 2 logical ports per tenant system.
  4. The SRX1500 device needs a tunnel PIC to support logical tunnel interactions.


Question 5:

JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam

You used SRX5800s to create a site-to-site IPsec VPN that connected two data centers. After evaluating the IPsec VPN’s performance, you decide to activate IPsec speed acceleration to accelerate the rate at which traffic may be sent over the tunnel.

Referring to the display, which two lines should you include in the configuration to complete this task? (Choose two.

  1. [Edit Security Flow]

User@srx# set tcp-mss ipsec-vpn mss 65535.

  1. [Edit Security Flow]

User@srx# set ipsec-performance-acceleration

  1. [Edit Security Flow]

User@srx# set power-mode-IPsec

  1. [Edit Security Flow]

user@srx# set load-distribution session-affinity IPSEC



The JN0-635 Juniper Security exam and the JNCIP-SEC certification will give you the specialized knowledge and validation you need to take on difficult security responsibilities and confidently manage teams. With this kind of certificate, you may distinguish yourself as an expert networker knowledgeable about the Juniper Networks Junos operating system, which several well-known enterprises use. As a result, this credential can significantly expand your job chances and advance your networking career. You may confidently confront and pass your official JN0-635 Juniper Security exam because several preparation tools are available, as described in this article.

The JN0-635 Juniper Security exam certification might differ between getting a job and not getting considered. However, passing a certification test does not guarantee to receive an improved Juniper JNCIP Security job or a higher Juniper JNCIP-SE pay. As a result, we create an atmosphere where you may enhance your abilities through real-time scenarios, allowing you to complete the Juniper Security Professional credential exam with an outstanding score and confidently face employment interviews.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What are the Juniper JN0-635 Exam Details?

The Juniper JN0-635 test will last for 120 minutes. Additionally, there are 65 multiple-choice question items. You may find out if you passed or failed the official test right after completion. Once you pass such a test and receive your JNCIP-SEC accreditation, it is valid for three years.


What is the JN0-635 Juniper Security Exam?

The JN0-635 Juniper Security exam includes Juniper Networks’ safety equipment and procedures, safety regulations, security policy management, virtual private networks, and network address translation. It also solves complex challenges like intrusion detection and mitigation, outstanding reliability, and scalable security.


What Are The Most Significant Details To Know Regarding The JN0-635 Certification Test?

The JN0-635 test content is supplied through suggested tutor-led courses and other detailed resources. To obtain the JNCIP-SEC certification, you must also hold the JNCIS-SEC certification. To register for the JN0-635 test, create a profile with Pearson VUE.

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