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Data Center Professional

The certification test for JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam certifications evaluates the knowledge and Professionalize of candidates. With the help of JN0-681 Data Center Professional test dumps, you can rapidly prepare for the JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam certifications and answer its questions.

The JN0-681 exam certifications entail more than merely updating your CV with a sticker. It denotes your competence in planning, executing, and overseeing data center solutions from Juniper Networks. This qualification is valued and recognized by employers worldwide, making it a precious tool for career advancement.

Numerous credentials for Juniper Networks technologies are available through the Juniper Certifications Program (JNCP). This program allows candidates to get a certificate and validate their skills in several Juniper Companies areas. Candidates need to finish a course and then pass an exam to obtain these certifications.

To find out how to master the Data Center Professional exam in 2024, keep reading and exploring.


What Is The Certification For The JN0-681 Data Center Professional Exam?

Data Center Professional

For experienced networking Professionals with a profound grasp of Juniper Networks’ Junos devices and programs, there is an exam called JN0-681 Data Center Professional. It assesses the candidate’s troubleshooting abilities, platform configuration knowledge, and data center technological knowledge.

The Juniper Networking and Data Center technology knowledge and abilities are certified by passing the JNCIP-DC JN0-681 exam. This exam will test applicants’ comprehension of Juniper Networks, Junos Applications, and data center gear. Students will finish with a firm knowledge of data center services, system setup, and troubleshooting abilities.

A person’s comprehension of advanced Data Center Professional features, including Virtualization Framework, Virtual Flexible LAN (VXLAN), and Juniper Networks NorthStar Controller, is evaluated through the JN0-681 Data Center Professional test certification.

Like other tests, the JN0-681, also called the New DCP, enables Juniper to look at various topics. This suggests that as they test arbitrarily on the wide range of subjects available, mastery of most JN0-681 content is required. Be mindful. But, experience requirements are often crucial since they have seen the average person and what is needed. It will take extra work, but you can overcome it and pass the JN0-681 Data Center Professional test certification.


What is the JN0-681 Exam Retake Policy?

Data Center Professional

As soon as you complete the exam, you may view the results. It will be evident on the results page if you passed or failed the test. This is determined by adding up all of your scores and contrasting them with the passing score. You can retake the exam anytime you feel ready to do so in the event that you don’t pass. You will, however, need to wait a full 14 days before retaking the exam following the second try. Additionally, people who passed the test must wait a minimum of 18 months before appearing again. Usually, this is done in order to get recertification.


Domains of the JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam

The following are the primary domains that you need to be proficient in before taking the Juniper JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam:


  • Explain Zero Touch Provisioning for Installation and Maintenance of Data Centers
  • DHCP
  • Monitoring,
  • Analytics


  • Explain the principles of high availability or maintenance for the design and management of data centers.
  • Requirements
  • Monitoring
  • Order of Events


  • Explain the concepts of MC-LAG.
  • Positioning scenarios
  • ICC
  • Show knowledge of setting up, tracking down, or troubleshooting MC-LAG.


  • Explain the concepts of Layer 2 Fabric.
  • Physical arrangement.
  • VCF
  • Virtual Gearbox
  • Show understanding of configuring, monitoring, or debugging Layer 2 Fabric technology.



  • Explain concepts for IP fabrics.


  • Three-stage Clos architecture.
  • IP Fabric Routing
  • IP Fabric Scalability
  • IP Fabric Normal Practices
  • Show Professionalize in configuring, monitoring, or debugging IP Fabrics.


  • Explain the principles of VXLAN.
  • Control Layers of L2VPN
  • Planes for multicast control
  • Interface for Data
  • Exhibit proficiency in configuring, monitoring, or troubleshooting VXLAN.


  • Explain the concepts of EVPN.
  • Types of Routes
  • EVPN multichannel
  • MP-BGP
  • MAC Education
  • Demonstrate your understanding of configuring, monitoring, and debugging EVPNs.


  • Explain DCI concepts.
  • Types of interconnect networks
  • Circuits that interconnect
  • Layers 2 and 3 are extended.
  • Clothing
  • VXLAN with an EVPN signal for DCI.
  • Show proficiency in setting up, keeping an eye on, or troubleshooting DCI.


  • Condense single- and multitenant layouts.
  • Separation of traffic and VRFs


  • Summarize the concepts of data center security

Why Choose Us?

We are a group of qualified Juniper advisors and networking specialists that work closely with applicants who have just passed the JN0-681 exam. To provide the greatest practice sets, we consistently gather the most recent information from these candidates on their JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam. To guarantee that every candidate passes the Data Center Professional certification test on their first try, we continuously improve our premium Juniper JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam questions.

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We update our question bank frequently based on the analysis of our experts and the input from candidates. This procedure guarantees that, before to taking the actual Juniper Networks Certified Professional Data Center Professional  exam, you will receive the most recent collection of practice questions. Because of this, we are able to complete our practice test with 100% correctness, and we are happy to state that our question sets guarantee a certain outcome!


  • Instead of JN0-681 PDF, use an online practice test.

We provide an online certification practice environment for JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam, which is considerably superior than questions in PDF or a different file format. The benefits of using our online practice test site to prepare for the Data Center Professional certification are listed below.

  • You can assess your ability to complete the exam within the allotted time limit, which isn’t possible with the questions in the JN0-681 PDF dumps.
  • You can assess your ability to correctly answer shuffled responses and random multiple-choice inquiries, which are not achievable with the sample questions across the JNCIP Data Center Professional PDF.
  • You may hone your skills with several mock exams, including timed full and short exams. The JN0-681 practice exam is created in accordance with the Juniper Syllabus and Topic Weights.


  • Detailed progress report and exam results

You have two months from the date of purchase to access the Data Center Professional accreditation practice test. To prepare for the JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam certifications, you are allowed an unlimited number of exam tries. You may monitor your progress with a comprehensive Result History for every attempt. Imagine being able to pinpoint your errors and areas for development while you studied using the JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam dumps sample questions.


  • Gain more information for a more successful career

Having the Juniper JN0-681 certification might mean the difference between getting hired and not getting hired at all. However, passing a certification test alone does not guarantee a better job or a higher income in a Juniper JNCIP Data Center Professional. In order to help you pass the Data Center Professional certification test with a high percentage and ace job interviews, we offer an environment that will help you hone your abilities using real-world scenarios.


How to Register for the JN0-681 Exam?

To register for the test, take these steps:

  1. Go to the Pearson Exam Registration page first.
  2. Moreover, create an account or log in to your Pearson VUE.
  3. Next, look up the JN0-681 Exam.
  4. Lastly, choose the time and date and validate using the chosen payment option.

JN0-681 Data Center Professional Exam Sample Questions

Here are the sample questions for the JN0-681 Exam that you must master while preparing. It would be best if you had a clear idea of what our premium JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam dumps will look like:


Question 1:

You are responsible for controlling the oversubscription ratio for your IP fabric’s spine and leaves. You calculate that you need to get your downstream-to-upstream traffic ratio down to 1:1, which is now at a 3:1 ratio.

Which two steps would you take in this situation to accomplish this goal? Select two.

  1. Increase the quantity of server-facing ports used for traffic transmission by every leaf node.
  2. Cut down on how many server-facing ports are used for traffic transmission by each leaf node.
  3. Make your design contain more spine nodes.
  4. Cut down on the number of leaf nodes in your layout.


Question 2:

Using EBGP, you are creating a Layer 3 fabric underlay. On the Layer 3 fabric, you will put in place an EVPN-signaled VXLAN overlay.

In this case, what has to be done in the underlay to guarantee that the VXLAN overlay can operate as intended?

  1. On every leaf device, the underlay ought to promote the host-connected interfaces.
  2. Every underlying device has to broadcast its loopback address.
  3. The underlay should be set up with a different VRF for every possible renter.
  4. The underlay should support the PIM protocol.


Question 3:

A client uses MPLS L2VPNs with five data centers dispersed nationwide to offer point-to-point data center interconnects inside a full-mesh network. The customer is thinking of using MPLS EVPN.

Which three benefits come with employing MPLS EVPN interconnects in this situation? Select three.

  1. They enable static setup, eliminating the need for a dynamic routing protocol.
  2. They offer reduced latency during transmission.
  3. They enable a local proxy ARP/ND resolution.
  4. They offer a connection between several points.
  5. In the control plane, they offer MAC learning.


Question 4:

VMware is used in a multitenant data center that you host. Deep packet inspection must be done on all inter-tenant communication between virtual machines housed in the same hypervisor. Your solution must supply security services without requiring the user to leave the device.

What would you do in this situation to resolve the issue?

  1. To isolate each tenant’s network, utilize different vSwitches and assess inter-tenant traffic using IP tables.
  2. To examine inter-tenant traffic, utilize an SRX Series device and employ VLANs to separate each tenant’s network.
  3. Employ firewall filters in conjunction with a vMX device to assess inter-tenant traffic to separate each tenant’s network.
  4. To isolate each tenant’s network, different vSwitches and a vSRX Series device will be used to assess inter-tenant traffic.


Question 5:

After setting up an IP fabric with EBGP as your routing protocol, you discover that not every route appears in the routing tables. You have confirmed that all policies are functioning appropriately configured, and adjacencies have been formed.

Which of these statements describes this situation?

  1. The multipath multiple-as parameter is not set up on the routers.
  2. The add-path parameter has not been used in the router configuration.
  3. The bfd-liveness-detection parameter has not been used in the router configuration.
  4. The multihop parameter has not been used in the router configuration.


Working professionals in intermediate roles are the target audience for the JNCIP-DC JN0-681 Data Center Professional test. Candidates with prior experience with the Juniper Networks Junos Platform and data center services are well-suited for this test. Proficiency in data center technologies, platform architecture, and troubleshooting techniques is needed to pass the JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam dumps. With this degree, working people can progress in their careers.

Proper study material selections are essential if you want to do well on the JN0-681 Exam dumps. Practice tests, study aids, and virtual labs are all offered by Juniper Networks. Reading relevant literature and taking online courses might help you fully understand the problems. The validity period of JNCIP-DC JN0-681 certifications is three years. People who want to recertify after this time must reapply and pass the exam. The JN0-681 test objectives are different for every test and are usually provided by the organization that certifies candidates. These frequently advise the test-taker on the essential topics, what they need to know, and why the exam covers them.

Finding the knowledge you need for your particular test is necessary. It is available on nearly every vendor’s website and significantly impacts your learning process! Remain calm. We have considered such objectives and work hard to deliver a testing environment similar to an actual exam. Please leave your questions concerning the JN0-681 test in the comments section below, and our Professional staff will respond as best they can.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Who Is Eligible for the JN0-681?

Advanced working professionals are eligible to take the JN0-681 Data Center Professional exam. Candidates who have previously worked with Juniper Networks’ Junos software and data center solutions should be considered for this test. The test requires a thorough understanding of data center technology and the ability to configure associated platforms and perform troubleshooting tasks. Working individuals can advance in their jobs with this qualification.

Does Troytec guarantee a refund of money spent on the exam simulator?

Yes, we provide a money-back guarantee that is 100% unconditional. You can request a refund if you cannot pass the exam by then. Note that we do not reimburse the cost of the JN0-681 Exam certifications; instead, we solely reimburse the price of the product you purchased from Troytec Training.

What benefits does Juniper (Junos) certification offer?

High-performance networking routers from Juniper Networks facilitate rapidly deploying applications and services across a single network by establishing a dependable and responsive environment. In addition, JNCIA-Junos incorporates significant design and developmental modifications to provide enhanced network accessibility, operational effectiveness, and adaptability.

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