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You may show that you have a solid grasp of Juniper Networks’ service provider routing & switching platforms and networking technologies in general by completing the JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam course. This track’s professional-level credential, JNCIP-SP, is intended for networking experts with an advanced understanding of Junos routing and switching systems. Your proficiency with sophisticated routing technologies, platform configuration, and troubleshooting techniques are assessed in a written test.

Through the certification test, candidates may show they know about Juniper Networks technologies. Succeeding applicants have a deep comprehension of JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam systems and networking technologies in general.

Continue reading and exploring to learn all the details you need to pass the JN0-664 exam in 2024.


What is the JN0-664 Exam?


This track’s JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam is designed for networking experts who thoroughly understand Junos routing and switching solutions.

The written test evaluates your basic understanding of sophisticated routing technologies and proficiency in platform configuration and problem-solving. The industry-recognized Juniper JN0–664 certification test aims to upskill professionals and validate their expertise. Candidates demonstrate their capacity to develop and implement reliable service provider networks that satisfy the strict specifications of contemporary telecom carriers after completing the Service Provider Professional Exam. In addition to confirming their technical competence, the JN0-664 certification shows their dedication to excellence and professional development in the service providers sector.

A dependable and quick method of verifying professional competence is provided by the JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam, which also gives candidates the chance to obtain verifiable evidence of their knowledge, expertise, and abilities. The JJN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam holder may utilize these reliable proofs of experience to set their career on the correct path and accomplish their professional goals.


JN0-664 Exam Domains

Here are the JN0-664 exam domains you must prepare before taking the exam in 2024:

  1. OSPF

  • Explain the principles, methods, or features of OSPFv2 and OSPFv3:
  • Types and functions of OSPF areas
  • Flooding of link-state advertisements (LSA) in an OSPF multi-area network
  • Designated network/backup assigned router execution
  • Shortest-path-first or SPF algorithm
  • Metrics, including the outside metric types
  • Evaluate and restrict paths
  • Virtual links
  • OSPFv2 vs. OSPFv3
  • Given an instance, demonstrate understanding of how to configure or manage single-area or multi-area OSPF:
  • Install OSPF routing policy
  1. IS-IS

  • Explain the ideas, methods, or features of IS-IS:
  • Areas/levels and operations of IS-IS
  • Flooding of label-switched paths (LSPs) in an IS-IS multi-area network
  • SPF algorithm for designated intermediate system (DIS) functioning measures, such as broad metrics
  • Route leakage and route summarizing
  • Provide an example of how you would set up or oversee a single- or multi-area IS-IS.
  • Put the IS-IS routing policy into practice.
  1. BGP

  • Explain the principles, methods, or features of BGP:
  • BGP route selection procedure
  • Resolution for the next hop
  • The notion and functioning of BGP characteristics
  • BGP groups
  • Typical phrases
  • Multipath
  • Multihop
  • Balancing loads
  • More sophisticated BGP options
  • Damping of BGP routes
  • BGP flow specifications
  • BGP with several protocols
    • Explain the principles, methods, or features of BGP scaling mechanisms:
  • Route contemplation
    • Provide an example of how you would set up or monitor BGP.
  • Put BGP routing policy into practice.
  1. Service Class (CoS)


  • Explain the principles, methods, or features of Junos OS CoS:
  • CoS execution on Junos OS hardware
  • Fields in the CoS header
  • Class forwarding
  • Grouping
  • Priority of packet loss
  • Officers
  • Planners
  • Eliminate profiles
  • Rewrite the regulations
    • Provide a scenario and show you understand how to set up or monitor CoS.
  1. IP Multicast 

    • Explain the principles, methods, or features of IP multicast:
  • IP multicast elements, such as multicast addressing
  • Comparing source-specific multicast (SSM) with any-source multicast (ASM)
  • The idea and functioning of reverse path forwarding (RPF)
  • Protocol for Internet Group Management (IGMP)
  • The sparse and dense modes of the Physical Interface Module (PIM)
  • Rendezvous point (RP): idea, use, finding, and selection
  • Benefits, address ranges, and criteria for source-specific multicasting (SSM)
  • Point of rendezvous for Anycast (RP)
    • Using an example situation, show that you understand how to set up or keep an eye on PIM sparse form (including SSM), PIM dense mode, and IGMP:
  • Put IP multicast routing rules into practice.
  1. VPNs with Layer 3 Security

  • Explain the principles, methods, or features of Layer 3 virtual private networks:
  • Control of traffic flow and data planes
  • Hub-and-spoke versus full mesh topology
  • IPv4-VPN addressing
  • Route markers
  • Travel destinations
  • Distribution of routes
  • Location of the start
  • Sham connections
  • Table label for virtual route and forwarding (VRF)
  • Multicast encrypted virtual private networks of the future (MVPNs)
  • Data transmission and control flow in an MVPN
  • Layer 3 VPN expansion
  • VPNs for IPv6 Layer 3
  • Options for Internet access using Layer 3 VPN


  • Provide an example of how you would set up or keep an eye on the various parts of a Layer 3 VPN.
  • Explain how Junos OS supports carrier-of-carriers or inter-provider VPN models.
  1. VPNs with Layer 2 Architecture

  • Explain the principles, methods, or features of BGP Layer 2 Virtual Private Networks:
  • Control of traffic flow and data planes
  • Transmitting tables
  • Mapping of connections
  • Route distinguishers for Layer 2 VPN network-level reachability information (NLRI)
  • Travel destinations
  • Scaling of Layer 2 VPN


  • Explain the principles, methods, or features of LDP Layer 2 circuits:
  • Control of traffic flow and data planes
  • Circuit label virtualization
  • Self-discovery (AD)
  • Interworking at Layer 2


  • Explain the principles, processes, or features of virtual private LAN service (VPLS):
  • Control of traffic flow and data planes
  • Label distribution for BGP VPLS
  • Label distribution for LDP VPLS
  • Travel destinations
  • Multihoming using VPLS
  • Site IDs


  • Explain the ideas, methods, or features of EVPN:
  • Control of traffic flow and data planes
  • Multimedia distribution and access control (MAC)
  • Multihoming Ethernet VPN (EVPN)
  • Label distribution for BGP EVPN


  • Provide an example of how you would set up, maintain, or debug a Layer 2 VPN.
  • VPNs using BGP Layer 2
  • Layer 2 circuits of LDP
  • EVPNs
  • VPLS

JN0-664 Exam Details

Here are the exam details for the JN0-664 that you must know before taking the actual exam in 2024:

  • Exam Name: JNIC Service Provider Routing and Switching Professional
  • Exam Code: JN0-664
  • Number of Questions: 65
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 60 to 70%
  • Exam Price: $400

How Do I Get Ready for the JNCIP-SP JN0-664 Certification Exam in Juniper?


You must implement strategies to improve preparation to improve your research process. Here are some helpful tips to use when getting ready for an exam:

  1. Create an Effective Study Plan

Having a clear study plan can assist you in staying on task and focused on your preparation. Make a detailed plan or schedule that specifies your preparation’s beginning and ending dates. The following should also be on the study schedule:

  • The subjects you will be studying for the JN0-664 test curriculum.
  • The sequence in which you’ll be taught them.
  • The anticipated date of completion for every subject.

You can reduce distractions and remain on course by having a clear strategy. Ensure the calendar includes attainable objectives you intend to accomplish by the conclusion of your education.

  1. Use the JNCIP-SP JN0-664 Exam Objectives as a roadmap.

Every Juniper test has requirements that must be fulfilled for a candidate to pass. The JN0-664 test objectives function as a helpful reference, delineating the essential ideas you must comprehend to accurately respond to questions about particular subjects. Because many subjects may be too extensive to discuss in detail, the JNCIP-SP certification test objectives also function as a roadmap. You may ensure you comprehend the content you must know for the exam by referencing the exam goals.

  1. Utilize the Resources to Your Fullest Potential

You can use the Juniper Learning Portal and Juniper Troytec to prepare for the Juniper certification test. Visit the official website for links to other preparation choices if unsure where to start. The official website is an all-encompassing resource for your test preparation needs, providing video lectures, instructor-led courses, online training, and JN0-664 study aids.

  1. Lead hands-on laboratory sessions.

It is best to apply the essential JN0-664 concepts in a real-world context to understand them fully. It’s not a very successful strategy to only watch instructor-led video courses and not practice them. As a determined student, you should get your computer and begin coding immediately. You’ll learn how to correct errors made throughout the development procedure by implementing new concepts.

  1. Do the JNCIP-SP Practice Test, JN0-664.

You should be able to pass using the knowledge you gained from your studies, but assessing your comprehension is essential before the exam. This involves assessing your preparedness by taking the JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam dump on the Troytec website. You can find that specific questions call for a deeper understanding, that certain topics are more complicated, and that you need to learn more. The JN0-664 exam practice will help you determine which subjects need more attention.

JNCIP-SP JN0-664 Certification Exam Sample Questions


Here are the sample questions for the JN0-664 exam, which you must master before purchasing our premium JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam dumps


Question 1:

Your boss has asked you to look at ways to automatically lessen the impact of poor routing in both OSPF and OSPFv3 networks once devices reboot following a recent power outage.

Which three statements in the configuration file do this? Select three.

  1. Configure the IPV4-unicast overload timeout and OSPF3 realm protocols.
  2. Establish OSPF overload protocols
  3. Implement OSPF overload timeout protocols (900)
  4. Configure OSPF3 overload protocols
  5. Establish guidelines Overload timeout 900 for OSPF3.


Question 2:

You are setting up anycast RP for redundancy and load balancing in your PIM-SM domain. RPS should exchange active sources.

Which two options in this situation will allow you to complete this task? Select two.

  1. Set up MSDP for every RP router.
  2. On each RP router, configure anycast PIM using the rp-set statement.
  3. On each source DR router, configure anycast PIM using the rp-set command.
  4. Set up MSDP on all DR router sources.


Question 3:

As a network architect for a service provider, you wish to provide your clients with Layer 2 services. You wish to leverage your current MPLS network’s EVPN for Layer 2 services.

In this case, which two claims are valid? Select two.

  1. Every PE router has to have a segment routing setup.
  2. EVPN advertises MAC address and IP address pairs discovered through ARP snooping over Type 2 routes.
  3. To join a multicast tree and flood traffic, EVPN employs Type 3 routes.
  4. All PE routers need to have a VXLAN setup.


Question 4:

An interface with broadcast scheduling configured receives a packet. The bandwidth allotted to one of the specified queues is being exceeded.

Which two actions on a Junos device will be performed automatically in this scenario? Select two.

  1. Negative bandwidth credit will be applied to the exceeding queue.
  2. The extra traffic will be thrown away.
  3. Positive bandwidth credit will be given to the overflowing queue.
  4. The overflowing traffic will utilize other queues’ available bandwidth.


Question 5:

Which of the following claims about the PIM DR in a PIM-SM domain is true? Select two.

  1. By default, PIM DR election takes place on point-to-point connections
  2. If the DR priorities line up, the router with the shortest IP address is chosen as the DR.
  3. The source DR transmits PIM register messages from the source connection to the RP.
  4. The receiver DR transmits PIM join and PIM prune signals from the receiver network to the RP.



This written JN0-664 test, intended for seasoned network engineers with an advanced understanding of Juniper Networks’ Junos OS, assesses a candidate’s comprehension of cutting-edge routing technologies and proficiency with associated platform setup and troubleshooting techniques.

Using these tried-and-true study techniques will increase your chances of passing the JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam certificate . Use official Juniper resources to improve your comprehension of the exam topics, such as JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam certificate exams and interactive labs. Using these tools to create a well-organized study plan addressing every exam goal can simplify preparation. Best of fortune on your certification path! Earning your JNCIP-SP certification necessitates a focused study strategy throughout the process.

The Juniper JN0–664 certification is a quick and reliable solution. Simply register for the JN0-664 Service Provider Professional Exam and use the troytec  JN0-664 exam sample questions to get started on your exam preparation immediately. Comment below if you have any queries about the JN0-664 Juniper Service Provider Professional Exam certificate.



FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


Does Troytec Training Give Its Exam Simulator Customers A Money-Back Guarantee?

Yes, we provide a money-back guarantee that is 100% unconditional. Should you be unable to pass the test, you have the option to seek a complete refund. Note that we do not reimburse the cost of the JN0-664 Exam Certification Exam; rather, we solely reimburse the cost of the product you purchased from Troytec Training.


Who Is The JN9-664 Test Intended Audience?

The JN0-664 test is designed for seasoned network specialists who understand Juniper Networks’ Junos OS. The written test verifies the candidate’s comprehension of cutting-edge routing technology and proficiency with associated platform setup and fix-it techniques.


What Benefits Does Juniper (Junos) Certification Offer?

High-performance network routers from Juniper Networks facilitate the rapid deployment of apps and services over a single network by establishing a dependable and responsive environment. In addition, JNCIA-Junos JN0-664 incorporates significant design and developmental modifications to provide enhanced network accessibility, operational effectiveness, and adaptability.

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