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Today’s world is fiercely competitive and the brightest, finest, and most qualified people are paid handsomely to work in exciting industries. However, a college degree is not required; certification is an excellent path that opens up new prospects and demonstrates to companies that you are the best in your field. We believe that Advanced SOA Design & Architecture (S90.08A) test will add flare to your CV and help you land wonderful new jobs. Certification from the SOA demonstrates your capacity to succeed, but it is not a straightforward procedure. If you want to make yourself successful at work, you must study, obtain qualifications, and gain the necessary abilities.

The Advanced SOA Design & Architecture (S90.08A) test assesses your understanding of design patterns in an SOA environment. Passing this test necessitates a deep understanding of Service Inventory Design Trends, Service Design Patterns, Composition Design Structures, ESB Patterns, and orchestration patterns. Expertise in this field requires a complete grasp of the service-oriented design methodology, including all applicable design principles and how they impact concept execution.

Continue reading and exploring to learn how to pass the Advanced SOA exam easily. Moreover, we will discuss the Advanced SOA certifications.


What is the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture Exam?

Advanced SOA

The S90.08 Advanced SOA Design & Architecture Exam is an accreditation exam for professionals with extensive knowledge and expertise in building and executing Service-Oriented Architecture (SOA) systems. The S90.08 exam covers fundamental ideas and best practices for designing, developing, and deploying SOA systems, including service simulation, contract design, arrangement, and governance.

The S90.08 test is designed for experienced SOA workers who thoroughly grasp SOA principles and have worked on SOA projects. Candidates are expected to have expertise in SOA development and execution and a solid grasp of associated technologies like XML, website services, and service-oriented middleware.

Candidates who complete the S90.08 test will receive the SOA Design & Architecture accreditation, a widely recognized industry standard that certifies a professional’s experience in SOA design and construction. This certification will assist professionals in advancing their careers and increasing their earnings possibilities in Advanced SOA.


Advanced SOA Design & Architecture Exam Details

Advanced SOA

Here are the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture exam details you must know:

  • Exam Name: Advanced SOA Design & Architecture
  • Exam Code: 08
  • Duration: 60 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 50
  • Passing Score: 78%
  • Exam Fee: $100 USD


Advanced SOA Design & Architecture Exam Domains

Here are the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture exam domains you must know:


  • Domain 1: Define a Service-Oriented Architectural Framework and SOA Architecture Types.
  • Domain 2: Basic and Advanced SOA Design Patterns
  • Domain 3: Designing SOA with Services Agent and Handling Multiple Protocols.
  • Domain 4: Legacy Encapsulation and Enterprise Service Bus Design
  • Domain 5: Synchronous and Event-Driven Communication, Message Routing, and Dependable Messaging
  • Domain 6: Enforcing policies at the global and domain levels and positioning business rules
  • Domain 7: Orchestration Architecture Design, State Delay, and Service Grids
  • Domain 8: Service Data Repetition, Cross-Service Transactions, and Compensation Transactions
  • Domain 9: Data Transformation and Network Bridging
  • Domain 10: ESB and Symphony: Compound Patterns

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How Do You Prepare for the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture Exam?

Advanced SOA

To pass the Advanced SOA Exam on the first attempt, you must have authentic syllabus information and an excellent study guide. Study4Exam’s study guide contains detailed information regarding the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture S90.08 test syllabus. This information should be obtained early in your preparation since it will assist you in developing a successful study strategy. We created this Advanced SOA Design & Architecture exam preparation guide to provide an overview of the exam, practice questions, practice tests, prerequisites, and exam topic information to help you pass the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture exam.

  1. Live Virtual Training

Having sufficient instruction can help you pass the exam with ease. There are several strategies to prepare for a test, and we can help you select the one that best meets your needs. You can receive virtual instruction from certified specialists committed to providing high-quality study materials covering all parts of the test and allowing you to focus on the most essential.

  1. Self-study using study kits.

The Arcitura Study Kits include course materials, extras for self-paced studying and test preparation, and discounted Pearson VUE exam tickets for purchase. The SOA Architect Certification Self-Study Kit Bundle provides study materials for the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture (S90.08A) exam.

  1. Study Books

Arcitura also provides a variety of publications for those studying for the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture test. These books will undoubtedly be a valuable resource and give you an advantage in the field. One highly suggested book is:

SOA Principles of Service Design

SOA Design Patterns

  1. Private and Public Workshops

Arcitura Academy allows you to have your trainer at your location. The licensed instructors are prepared to offer on-site workshops and lecture-style seminars with proctored tests. There are also frequently planned public seminars accessible across the world.

  1. Join the AITCP community.

Follow Arcitura’s social media outlets on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. They introduce new courses, tests, certificates, and publications to keep you updated on our current developments. When you join the discussion board, you may remain up to speed on worldwide AITCP members and trainers, discover how to collaborate and license with them and interact with others in your country.

  1. Use practice tests to evaluate your readiness.

Practice tests are intended to help you improve and prepare for the test. They follow a genuine test structure, enabling candidates to replicate the exam setting. They are accessible in various parts, allowing you to pinpoint your deficiencies.


To be regarded as an expert in this sector, you must thoroughly grasp the service-oriented design paradigm, including all relevant design concepts and the consequences of their implementation.

Fundamental SOA ideas and terminology must become second nature to the SOA Architect, augmented by exposure to appropriate SOA technologies. The many types of service-oriented technologies must also be well comprehended, including the relationships among architectural levels.

SOA-certified architects must be prepared to face various design issues, necessitating proficiency with industry design patterns and service-based design procedures. They must also understand how service design fits into the entire SOA project delivery lifecycle and how design methods and methodologies may impact service governance.

Practicing for a test like the Advanced SOA Design & Architecture might become a full-time job. Because specific tests are so rigorous, work pays for them. Certification is complex and time-consuming. It requires time, practice, and a clear focus. We at Troytec realize that. We understand this since we have been in the industry for years and have worked in an environment with many less-savory test prep providers. Comment below if you have any related questions about the Advanced SOA exam.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Period Does The Advanced SOA Design & Architecture (S90-08A) Test Take Place?

Module-specific examinations are often shorter than integrated exams, lasting between one and four hours. For additional information regarding test formats and delivery choices, visit


Why don’t I see a Pearson VUE exam in my online test history after taking it recently?

Depending on the testing facility’s location, Arcitura may take several business days to get your Pearson VUE exam results. Reach out to one of their student managers at if your test is not listed within five business days of taking it.


What Should I Do To Get An Honors Distinction For My Advanced SOA Design & Architecture (S90.08A) Accreditation?

Passing each exam necessary for accreditation with an honors grade


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