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Android Application Development Exam

So you’ve already had an app concept in your head, and you’re ready to convert it into a reality and release it to the public. If this is the case, there is no question that you are anxious to begin receiving your first examinations, downloads, and money. However, the main issue is that you do not know where to begin.

In truth, programming or coding is quite tricky on its very own, but Android application development is far more complex than you may believe. Why? Even though you are constructing a straightforward and basic project, you must comprehend Java and download and install many applications.

Not only that, but you should also understand and become acquainted with all there is to know about Android app development.

In general, Android app development necessitates using a Software Development Kit (SDK), an Integrated Development Environment, or IDE, such as Studio or Android Studio, a JDK (Java Application Development Kit), and an emulated device to test your program. Before launching your app or investigating topics like API levels, screen widths, and Google Play solutions, you must first put these things up.

Nonetheless, the main reason we made this detailed tutorial is to assist you in creating an Android app with simplicity. You need to pass the Android application development certificate exam.

So, keep exploring this fantastic blog to learn how you can pass the Android Application Development exam with flying colors.


What are Android Application Development Exam Details?

Android ATC administers the Android App Development Exam (AND-801) using an ID. The test consists of 45 multiple-choice questions, and the prospective candidate must score 70% or above to pass. The applicant will have 90 minutes to finish the Android App Development exam (AND-801) test. The candidate can schedule the test using Pearson VUE. The Android Application Development Exam AND-801 costs $150 USD.

Here are the main details of the Android application development certificate exam:

  • Exam Name: Android Application Development
  • Exam Code: AND-801
  • Exam Format: MCQs
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Exam Type: IT
  • Number of Questions: 45
  • Exam Partner: Pearson VUE
  • Exam Status: Live
  • Passing Score: 70% or above
  • Exam Language: English and Spanish
  • Exam Price: $150

How do you schedule an Android application development exam?

To schedule your exam, select one of the three choices below.:

  1. Authorized Android Testing Center

Android ATC examinations are accessible at over 130 computer training institutions worldwide. To book your exam, search for your country’s nearest Android ATC-accredited training and exam institution. Don’t hesitate to contact them directly and inquire about the exam scheduling and cost. The contact list is constantly being updated. You can take your test on-site at the training location or remotely while being watched by an approved proctor from this instruction center. The test costs $150 USD.

  1. Authorized Pearson VUE Testing Center

Android ATC uses the Pearson VUE testing facility to provide proctored course tests. Android ATC examinations are available at any Pearson VUE accredited testing center globally.

  1. Online Proctored Examination

Android ATC enables you to take a test in the comfort of your home or business while being watched by a remote proctor. All correspondence with the examiners is in English. The test costs $150 USD.

Why is the Android Application Development Exam Important?

 Android Application Development Exam Importance

For various reasons, the Android App Development Exam is extremely important in today’s digital scene. It verifies a developer’s ability to create high-quality Android applications, guaranteeing they can construct robust and user-friendly mobile apps.

Certification in Android App Development demonstrates a thorough mastery of Android’s subtleties, foundations, and best practices. This expertise is essential for developing apps that provide a consistent user experience across various devices and Android operating system versions.

Furthermore, an Android App Development Exam certification increases a developer’s reputation and marketability. It demonstrates their competence practically, perhaps opening doors to greater work possibilities, higher income, and intriguing initiatives.

Furthermore, due to the platform’s ever-changing nature, staying up to speed with the newest trends and technology in Android programming is critical. Certification examinations frequently include new features, tools, and methodologies, ensuring developers remain competitive and adept in an ever-changing sector.

Finally, finishing the Android Application Development Exam indicates technical proficiency and a dedication to quality, instilling trust in both developers and the customers or organizations with which they work.

Android Application Development Exam Domains

Android Application Development Exam Domains

Android ATC has structured the course into several categories. The Android Application Development test (AND-801) contains its goals and sub-topics. The following is a complete course outline:

  • Kotlin Introduction


  • History of Kotlin
  • Advantages of Kotlin
  • How do Kotlin programs function?
  • Kotlin Software Requirements
  • Android Studio Installation
  • Using Android Studio to Create a Kotlin Project
  • Developing a Kotlin Program
  • Executing a Kotlin Program
  • Making Remarks
  • Variables in Kotlin
  • Data Types in Kotlin
  • Data entered into the Kotlin program
  • Statements of Control Flow


  • Introduction
  • Statement If
  • If – Then Statement
  • Logical Operators and If Else
  • When there is a statement and an expression
  • In the case of Loops
  • When Loops
  • Loops that run in the background
  • Expressions that Jump
  • Object-Oriented Programming (OOP) and Functions


  • OOP – Oriented Programming.
  • Object
  • Class
  • Collections of Kotlin


  • Android Studio and the Android Framework


  • Introduction
  • Architecture of the Android Platform
  • Libraries for Android
  • Android Application Components
  • Android process types and their relative importance
  • Development of Android Applications
  • 4th Lab: Making Your First Application


  • Developing a User Interface UI


  • Introduction
  • Structure of the Android Project
  • View


  • Designing a User Interface


  • Lab 5: Developing an Android Pizza Order App Android Layouts, Styles, Themes, and Menus
  • Introduction
  • Views
  • Layouts
  • Android Themes and Styles
  • Manifest for an App
  • Layouts, styles, and Themes for Android Applications (Lab 6)


  • Toasts, activities, navigation, and perspectives


  • Contextual Classification
  • Toasting Class
  • What exactly is an activity?
  • The Lifecycle of an Activity
  • Intention on Android
  • Android Opinions


  • Dialogs, Snackbar, Food options, Webview, and Notifications on Android


  • Android Conversations
  • Snackbar
  • Menus
  • WebView
  • Notifications on Android


  • Storage for Android, SQLite, and Content Providers


  • Storage Options for Android
  • Preferences Shared
  • Internal Disk Storage
  • External Disk Storage
  • Connection to the Internet
  • Databases written in SQLite
  • Content Creators
  • Adapters for Sync
  • ORMLite
  • Choosing Between Internal and External Storage


  • GPS and Google Maps Location-Aware Apps


  • What exactly is GPS, and how does it work?
  • Additional Location Service Providers
  • Google Maps Configuring
  • APIs and JSON


Policies for Examination

The candidate should go to the Android ATC official website to learn about the Android ATC’s terms and conditions. The test terms and policies for refunds include various topics, including age restrictions and regulations for children, applicant identity and authentication, rights and obligations, confidentiality and agreements, and so on. In addition, the applicant can review the Android ATC certification’s objective and vision.


Preparation Guide for the Android Application Development Exam

Preparation Guide for the Android Application Development Exam

The following preparation methods are required to complete the Android Application Development Exam:

  1. Official Website of Android ATC

Visiting the official website of the Android ATC is a vital step in preparation for the Android Application Development Exam (AND-801). The official website provides a wealth of credible information and resources beneficial in test preparation. Study guides, sample papers, whitepapers, evidence, FAQs, and other resources are available. All of this information is available on the official page for the contender.

  1. ATC Training for Android

Training programs are essential to preparing for tests like the Android Application Development Exam (AND-801). On its many tests and certifications, Android ATC provides its training programs. The training programs cover all of the information and comprehension of the topics included in the trial.

  1. Books and manuals

Books and study guides should be the following stage in the preparation process. The aspirant must seek literature that is rich in knowledge. Finding a good book may be challenging, but to gain information and skills, the individual must seek out, read, and comprehend.

  1. Participate in a Study Group

Participating in a group study will also benefit the candidate. It will motivate them to work harder. Furthermore, studying in a group will allow them to connect with those on the same route as them.

Furthermore, such study groups’ discussions will aid students in their tests.

  1. Examine using a Practice Test.

Most significantly, applicants must perform hands-on practice examinations. Practice exams reassure candidates about their readiness. The practice exam will assist applicants in identifying their weak points so that they may improve on them. Several practice exams are accessible on the internet these days, so the applicant can select which one they like. You can also take the Android application development exam dumps to pass the exam quickly.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Subjects Should I Study To Pass the Android Application Development Exam (AND-801)?

The candidate should be familiar with Android Infrastructure and Android Studio, developing a user interface UI, Android plans, styles, themes and menus, champagne toasts, activities, directions, views, etc.

Can I Retake The Exam If I Fail It?

Yes, if an applicant fails the test, Alfresco recommends a 24-hour study time before attempting it again.

What is the Android Application Development Exam (AND-801) passing score?

To pass the Android App Development test, the candidate must score 70% or above.


The Android Application Development Exam (AND-801) is a must-have certification for anybody looking to validate their Android app development skills. This application assesses developers’ abilities in various areas, including UI design, archiving data, security, debugging tasks, and more. Candidates show their ability to create efficient Android applications by using tools like Android Studio and programming dialects like Kotlin or Java.

Android ATC offers this certification with 45 multiple-choice queries that must be finished in 90 minutes with a 70% passing score. The English and Spanish exams might be arranged through approved testing facilities or online proctoring.

Earning this accreditation increases a developer’s legitimacy in the competitive Android industry and their employability and prospective earnings.

Mastery of this certification indicates an ability to maintain app quality while keeping up with Android’s growing trends.

The curriculum ranges from Kotlin principles to UI design, navigation, storage, GPS integration, and more. Furthermore, preparation techniques include official resources, training courses, study materials, group debates, and practice exams, ensuring applicants are well-prepared for success.

Understanding essential topics such as Android infrastructure, UI development, and navigation is critical for individuals commencing on this certification road. If you fail to pass the exam, you can retake it after a 24-hour study session, aiming for a 70% passing score.

In simple terms, the Android Application Development Exam denotes app development ability, guaranteeing technical expertise and a dedication to creating excellent, intuitive, and revolutionary Android applications.

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