The Art of Mastering the Professional Scrum Master Exam in 2023

Professional Scrum

No matter if you are a devoted student, taking a Scrum certification course, or studying for the Professional Scrum Master certification, here are some pointers from a Trainer to help you successfully pass the exam the first time. If you employ Scrum in your organization but are not seeing the expected results and there are numerous advanced difficulties that you cannot handle, this is the course for you.

The Professional Scrum Master Exam program presents the core fundamentals of Scrum ideologies, which are the rudiments and ideas that motivate experiential development management. Once these key pillars have been established, individual and group exercises explain roles, objects, and events. It goes one step further by announcing everyday complex challenges that many businesses experience by inspecting genuine instances. 

Scrum faces daily complicated challenges, together with planning, portfolio supervision, management, and great dispute resolution. The Professional Scrum Master Exam certification course focuses on the certified scrum master professional role. The PSM 1 exam covers boosted work tools for endorsing higher management via better service and the variations required to use Scrum systems, working with entities and teams, training and support, and Scrum scalability. 

A certified scrum master professional ensures a team adheres to Scrum guidelines and procedures, encourages collaboration and interaction among teammates, and eliminates any hurdles to the team’s achievement. The main role of a Scrum Master has turn out to be gradually important as businesses hold agile approaches for evolving different applications.

The Professional Scrum Master Exam certification, called PSM I and PSM II by, provides a beautiful opportunity to confirm your Scrum competence and advance your career. Now, we’ll move to the necessary things and information you need to pass the PSM 1 exam quickly.

What is Professional Scrum Master Certification?

Professional Scrum developed the Professional Scrum Master or PSM certification to confirm an individual’s competence to coach and supervise teams using Scrum platforms, techniques, and practices. Individuals widely use the Professional Scrum Master 1 certification to validate their Scrum expertise.

The PSM I credential is intended for Scrum newcomers or beginners. At the same time, the PSM II certificate is designed for those with prior expertise. To pass the PSM exam, you must demonstrate a thorough comprehension of the Scrum structure and the capacity to implement it in a practical situation. The PSM credential is intended to recognize an independent Scrum Master who has implemented the Scrum methodology and can help others by doing so.

This certification pledges the individuals who have the certificate have the deep proficiency, aptitudes, and knowledge needed to administer a team employing the Scrum policy successfully. It does not promise that a person will be able to mentor and guide each group, but it is intended for individuals who wish to understand the Scrum framework.

Why Is Professional Scrum Master Certification Important?

 The Professional Scrum Master exam certification covers valuable implication in the improved Agile project management. This PSM 1 certification holds an intense verification of a person’s best knowledge, Scrum, a well-known agile project administration context. Getting this PSM I accreditation specifies a detailed knowledge and considerate of primary scrum insights and duties which are noteworthy in receiving productive projects. 

A certified scrum master professional also plays a keen role in specializing and helping in efficient interaction with project management teams, ensuring that they must observe the best Scrum practices and eliminating any impairments necessary in Agile project management. 

Many employers now prominently value individuals who possess this PSM 1 exam certification as they know how these professionals can contribute pointedly to the business’s project success. These Scrum professionals not only improve and rationalize corporate major procedures but also advance final product superiority and client satisfaction by ensuring the project’s team efficiently perceives the greatest Scrum practices. 

Additionally, the PSM 1 exam certification is an internally cherished credential that can benefit you in the career market. The Professional Scrum Master exam certification can also bring up many job opportunities for your career progression and implies a firm assurance of brilliance in agile project management techniques and practices. 

You must know that the Professional Scrum Master exam accreditation is important for persons looking for superiority in the best agile project administration methods. 

Professional Scrum Master Exam Topics

According to, the actual test includes the following topics:

  • Scrum concepts and theory
  • The Scrum Methodology
  • The Meaning of Done
  • Scrum project management
  • Collaboration with individuals and groups
  • Scrum in your company
  • The Scrum Master’s Role

Professional Scrum Master Exam Details

It is recommended to review the exam abilities and concepts in the study manual to comprehend the challenge level better. Exploring them can help you understand what information you already have and whatever else you require to complete the exam successfully. Concerning this, the following part will discuss the critical content areas necessary for the Professional Scrum Master Exam PSM I. 

Here are the details for the Professional Scrum Master certification exam:

  • Exam Name: Professional Scrum Master
  • Exam Code: PSM 1
  • Exam Level: 1
  • Exam Cost: $150
  • Exam Time: 60 minutes
  • Passing Marks: 85%
  • Exam Language: English

Professional Scrum Master Exam Studying Areas

The Scrum website ( delivers professional Scrum competences to assist candidates in becoming conversant with Scrum main principles and the Scrum Context. Mastering the study areas one by one will allow you to take the exam easily without hesitation. The following are the critical areas of study for the PSM Professional Scrum Master Exam (PSM ).

Scrum Framework Knowledge and Application

Knowing and employing the Scrum Framework for Software Development enables organizations and teams to deliver finished, valuable products with functional software in 30 days or below. However, understanding and applying the Scrum Principles is required to use the Scrum methodology successfully. The Scrum framework comprises Scrum Teams and the corresponding Roles, Activities, and Objects. 

Developing Teams and People

To exploit the benefits, all Scrum Master team members must integrate Scrum procedures and boost their positioning. On the other hand, espousing these complex challenges through the constant development of individuals and administrations will surely result in operative teams proficient of efficiently operational together.

Also, throughout an organization, to tackle complicated issues innovatively and productively shipping products.

Product Management using agility.

Product management with agility primes in products that deliver more valuable corporation results and superior agility in familiarizing to change. A comprehensible Product Vision, on the other hand, aids in connecting product creation with the organization’s Corporate Strategy, which includes long-term objectives and a business vision. Furthermore, the Product Worth considers better-quality directness in value-based adoptions and value-driven initiatives. It is the best learning objective to pass the Professional Scrum Master exam. 

CSM Vs. PSM: Key Differences

If you want to pass the PSM 1 professional exam, you must also master the CSM (Certified Scrum Master) certification. Here are the key differences between these two certifications:

Accrediting Organizations 

Scrum Alliance’s Accredited Scrum Master (CSM) accreditation is a charitable organization that instructs agile approaches, concepts, and objectives. offers the Professional Scrum Master or PSM, a company formed by Kenneth Schwabe, the co-founder of Scrum, to increase competence in Scrum education worldwide. 

Training Duration 

Both the CSM and PSM education programs last two days (14 – 16 hours). A Certified Scrum Trainer (CST) leads the CSM course, whereas the Professional Scrum Trainer or PST leads the PSM course. 

Training Grades

The CSM certificate has only one stage, whereas the PSM has two steps: PSM I & PSM II. 

Learning Objectives 

As a CSM, you will be fully furnished to assist the Scrum team’s members in performing to their full potential, overcoming hurdles, and mentoring them through the Scrum process. A CSM is the ‘servant manager’ who leads by experience and effectively assists team members in achieving the desired outcome. 

People who have passed the Professional Scrum Master Exam or PSM I exhibit a core level of Scrum competence and have expertise in Scrum terms and methodology.

Expert Tips to Prepare for the Professional Scrum Master Exam

 Professional Scrum

Here are the expert tips you must follow to pass the Professional Scrum Master Exam:

Read Several Times Through the Scrum Roadmap

Read the Scrum Manual several times to establish a solid basis of Scrum understanding. Although it is a brief pamphlet of only 13 sections, every page contains valuable information. Scrum’s essential tenets of responsibility (previously referred to as roles), incidents, and deliverables are outlined in the guide. Read to the Scrum Guide for clarification whenever you face difficult questions throughout the exam.

Enroll In an Accredited Professional Scrum Master (PSM) Training Course.

Taking a Professional Scrum Master or PSM 1 program can be transforming, allowing you to learn directly from seasoned Scrum professionals. The comprehensive course will empower you to get valuable perceptions, real-world examples, and a profounder hold of the Scrum building.

While attendance at the course is not required to pass the examination, it can significantly improve your planning and general understanding of Scrum.

Furthermore, the PSM training includes two complementary tries at the globally acclaimed Professional Scrum Master Exam I (PSM I) evaluation. It assures you will have another opportunity if your first effort fails. Take benefit of this significant opportunity to upsurge your possibility of subsequent and gain a detailed grasp of Scrum.

Finish Your Scrum Open Evaluation

The Scrum Open assessment can assist you evaluate your deep comprehension of Scrum perceptions. Aim for a 100% grade by finishing the evaluation numerous times (minimum five times in a sequence).

The Open evaluation has the benefit of giving your discoveries and explaining the suitable responses and discover why they are suitable. Consider taking other Open exams to learn about diverse viewpoints on Scrum and Agile Master-related topics. Scrum Open exams are available by visiting the homepage. Therefore, completing your Scrum open assessment will assist you in passing the PSM 1 exam effortlessly. 

Understand Scrum Guidelines Terminology

Read the Scrum terminology to familiarize yourself with the terms in the Scrum Guide. This stage is vital to understanding all the expressions cast-off during the Scrum project evaluation. It is precious if you have not previously attended a Scrum course, as it bridges the understanding gap and guarantees you are adequately prepared for the Professional Scrum Master exam.

Remember that thoroughly mastering Scrum vocabulary helps improve your comprehension of the structure and increases your chances of passing the PSM I evaluation. Take the opportunity to learn and understand the main terms so you can confidently face the exam.

Do Additional Reading

It is strongly suggested that your aspect into extra reading resources to help you formulate for the difficult Professional Scrum Master exam. offers a list of recommended resources to read for Professional Scrum Master on their Suggested Learning for Pro Scrum Master webpage. These study materials offer vital perceptions and all-inclusive info to help you better realize Scrum ideas.

Many previous PSM candidates have strained the implication of inclusive planning and study, irrespective of finishing the course. It is strongly advised to review the Professional Scrum Master’s course of study and the required reading resources for PSM I before taking the examination.

Expert Tips to Pass for the Professional Scrum Master Exam

Receiving a Professional Scrum master accreditation can assist you develop or progress your career by lengthening your core understanding and expertise set in scrum notions. PSM certification validates your skills as a scrum master, emphasizing Scrum, iterative advancement, collaborative success, and commitment. Before taking the Professional Scrum master test, you should plan and grasp the necessities for passing the exam on the first try.

Now, here are the expert tips to pass the Professional Scrum Master Exam in 2023:

  • Examine The Questions Thoroughly

When responding or answering the Scrum evaluation queries, it is essential to sensibly consider the linguistic and uphold a strong acquaintance of what you’re being questioned. It is also crucial to thoroughly read each question, noting negative responses (such as “NOT”). Look for solid phrases in the query, as these may give you a sense of the topic’s precise concentration or what it’s seeking. You can considerably upsurge your chances of success by thoroughly examining these keywords.

  • Consider What the Scrum Training Guide Says

Keep esprit of the Scrum Guide’s recommendations during the test. Rather than relying exclusively on your working situations, connect your responses with the Scrum Guide’s concepts and standards. When presented with challenging queries, refer to the Scrum Guide frequently to ensure appropriate solutions.

  • Accept The Scrum Master as Your Servant Leader.

Being a Scrum servant leader is an essential portion of the Scrum Master’s main role. Take the Scrum Master’s diverse arrogances and slogans, counting “Let the team indicate,” “It Mainly Depends,” and “Grow it with the team.” Know that the Scrum Master’s role inspires and authorizes teams to accept practicality and self-sufficiency. Passing the Professional Scrum Master Exam or PSM I exam requires demonstrating an in-depth comprehension of the Scrum Master’s servant administrator role.

  • Recognize Scientific Inquiry and Its 3 Pillars

Scrum is created on experimentation, which pressures domination based on experiential expertise. Transparency, evaluation, and adaptability are the three foundations of pragmatism in Scrum. Learn how Scrum proceedings successfully use these basics to discourse empiricism-related queries during the PSM 1 exam.

  • Understand The Worth of An Important, Usable, And Complete Increment

Delivering a valuable, practical, and finalized addition is critical in Scrum for carrying worth to members. The increments are thoroughly tested to confirm their functioning and compliance with the Concept of Done. Understanding the main value of a finalized augmentation and its influence on discernibility is critical for PSM 1 exam achievement. You can also study Professional Scrum Master 1 Exam dumps to pass the difficult exam quickly. 

  • Using Practice Tests for Assessment

Starting with Scrum exam test preparation is the best approach to validate the fundamental understanding of the Scrum framework. It will aid in developing a baseline of the present Scrum specialization. However, before beginning the assessments, read through the Scrum Guide, the authoritative Scrum core of expertise.

  • Make Your Mind Map.

Regardless of the kind of exam, a mind map is a distinctive and priceless resource. It will allow you to study for the test in a private time and space, in which you can jot down any important facts. Making a mind map will enhance your skills to pass the Professional Scrum Master exam in one attempt.

  • Review The Evaluation

Now that you’ve completed practically all of the steps in the initial stages of learning and have absorbed all of the necessary information for the assessment, it’s time to lay a firm basis for comprehending Scrum and its design. When compared to the beginning of your planning, it will boost your confidence and implant newly learned knowledge.

Is the Professional Scrum Master Exam Difficult?

Professional Scrum

PSM I is an intermediate-level test with 80 multiple-choice, multiple-answer, and true or false queries. There exists a time limit of 60 minutes to finish this exam. In addition to passing, a score of 85% is essential.

The Professional Scrum Master exam complexity varies according to one’s background and preparation. It may seem comparatively tricky for candidates with extensive familiarity of Scrum perceptions and experimental practices. On the other hand, adequate preparation, hands-on experience, and knowledge of the Scrum Handbook considerably boost the odds of success. Practice exams and sessions can also assist in the expansion of essential abilities. 

The level of complexity is subjective; adequate preparation is essential for feeling secure and competent when taking the Professional Scrum Master exam. The professional scrum master certification exam is difficult. To obtain the certificate, individual must answer at least 80 questions and attain at least 85%. 

However, it is conceivable to clear if you devote time to studying the Scrum guide, attending optimal preparatory sessions led by authorized teachers, and selecting open tests.

Essential Skills that a Certified Professional Scrum Master Must Have

Every certified scrum master should be dedicated to lifelong education and developing their staff members’ abilities. They must implement the framework throughout the organization once they have acquired the required information and capabilities from the training course. These skills are necessary to pass the Professional Scrum Master Exam or PSM 1.

They must have facilitation skills, attention to detail, understanding of Scrum and agile, technical abilities, problem-solving abilities, interpersonal interaction, time management, managing, and counseling skills, among other things. Perfect management is the key skill you must have to become a successful certified Professional Scrum Master in 2023. The above skills are the necessary element in passing the PSM 1 exam. So, you must master these skills efficiently. 


A Professional scrum master certification authenticates your expertise in Scrum. It also validates how you are an insatiable student who is passionate about serving your colleagues on the track of producing extraordinary products and supporting your organization in achieving its final goals. 

We all know how difficult the PSM Certified Scrum Master I Exam is. But this is the ultimate time we’ll perceive it. That is to say, we have gathered almost every significant resource required for outstanding preparation in the above blog. However, while conceptual understanding is necessary to pass the exam, actual knowledge and evaluation are also needed to achieve perfection. So, begin implementing Scrum in your organization and reap the benefits of the Scrum framework’s assets. Finally, study for and pass the exam.

Remember that evaluations are opportunities to show your knowledge of the Professional Scrum Master Exam and your progress toward Scrum mastery. Your ongoing development and competence as a Scrum professional are significantly more important than the evaluation. Leave a comment if you have any queries about the PSM 1 exam or valuable suggestions for passing this exam. 


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