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Do you want to advance your professional development by passing the SPLK-3002 Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam? Are you seeking the best set of exam preparation books to help you grasp and learn the basics? If so, you’ve come to the correct place. We will provide you with an IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam guide and other materials to help you prepare for the exam.

You will see an examination guide that requires hours of research, skilled preparation, and continual feedback. That is why we are confident that our IT Service Intelligence Splunk Exam prep will assist you in achieving a good score on your way to certification. Our study guides are authentic. Because our study guides are so reliable, we must fight hordes of counterfeit test prep websites that steal our information.

Continue exploring to learn more about the SPLK-3002 exam and much more.


What is SPLK-3002 IT Service Intelligence Certification?

The SPLK-3002 Splunk ITSI Certified Admin Exam Certification is for IT professionals who want to prove their expertise and ability in overseeing, configuring, and repairing Splunk’s IT Service Intelligence-ITSI infrastructure. The exam covers ITSI building design, configuration, data beginning, and troubleshooting, among other things.

Candidates should have practical experience working utilizing ITSI, including installing and administering services, KPIs, and significant events, as well as establishing data inputs and performing correlation searches to get ready for the exam. They should also be well-versed in Splunk’s search language and complex data analysis techniques.

The Splunk accreditation programs are designed to motivate applicants for their current work or for a role as a recognized expert that they seek to support their organization better. The Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin accreditation validates a person’s competence to implement, manage, and use Splunk ITSI to monitor essential services.

Advantages of SPLK-3002 IT Service Intelligence Certification

SPLK-3002 Splunk ITSI

Let us now list some of the benefits of Splunk certification:

  • The IT Service Intelligence Splunk Exam is meant to prepare applicants for their current function or the role they wish to pursue as an industry professional to assist their business better or become a highly knowledgeable, standout candidate in today’s highly competitive job marketplace.
  • Many businesses worldwide seek individuals with Splunk SPLK-3002 certification to audit their service outages, interactions, end-to-end infrastructure, and critical business metrics.
  • Applicants will also be able to comprehend the best practices and methods for planning, scaling, and data collection.
  • Splunk-certified professionals earn a lot of money. Companies are prepared to pay a premium for certified employees.

What is the IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam?

The Splunk ITSI Certified Admin exam examines the skills, along with the understanding required to set up and use the Splunk ITSI app for gathering, analyzing, and visualizing IT service-related data from various sources, leveraging Splunk’s search, analysis, reporting, and mobile capabilities. Furthermore, it assesses the candidate’s ability to design and execute while keeping a Splunk installation using best practices.

The SPLK-3002, which is additionally known as the Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam, allows Splunk to examine a variety of subjects. Because they test indiscriminately on the many issues accessible, understanding the bulk of SPLK-3002 composition is essential. Be aware that knowledge requirements are frequently in place because they have observed the ordinary person and what is necessary. You can push past that to succeed with the SPLK-3002, but it may require additional effort.

IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam Details

Before beginning preparations, the candidate should become acquainted with the exam ideas and policies.

Here are the keen details for your better understanding:

  • Exam Name: Splunk IT Service Intelligence ITSI Certified Admin
  • Exam Code: SPLK-3002
  • Exam Perquisites: None
  • Exam Location: Pearson VUE
  • Exam Duration: 2 hours
  • Number of Questions: 53
  • Exam Cost: $125
  • Language: English

Topics Covered in the SPLK-3002 Exam

The SPLK-3002 Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam covers a variety of subjects connected to Splunk’s IT Services Intelligence (ITSI) solution management. The following are some of the essential topics covered in the exam:

  • Recognizing Splunk ITSI’s primary features and benefits
  • Splunk IT Service Insights solution configuration and deployment
  • Configuring and utilizing the various ITSI data inputs and collecting methods
  • Creating and establishing service models and entities
  • Using KPIs and alarms in ITSI
  • Creating and customizing visualizations and dashboards employing the Glass Table Editor
  • Investigating occurrences and anomalies with the Notable Incident Review feature
  • ITSI solution management and monitoring, including performance optimization and troubleshooting
  • Integrating ITSI into additional Splunk programs and solutions, like Splunk Enterprise Safety and Splunk Cloud

SPLK-3002 IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam Domains

SPLK-3002 Splunk ITSI

This is to assist aspirants in preparing for the exam by learning and comprehending the precise content within every subject that could get tested in the exam.

  • Introducing ITSI – 5%
  • Explain what ITSI does.
  • Explain why you are using ITSI.
  • Investigate the ITSI user experience.


  • Glass tables – 5%
  • Explain glass tables
  • Make use of glass tables
  • Create glass tables
  • Arrange glass tables


  • Managing Significant Events – 10%
  • Define essential terminology and their relationships concerning notable events.
  • Give some instances of multi-KPI alerts.
  • Describe the workflow for essential events.
  • Collaborate with important events.
  • Individual views


  • Deep Dives for Investigating Issues – 10%
  • Explain the relationships between deep-dive ideas.
  • Make use of the preset deep dives
  • Create and personalize fresh bespoke deep dives
  • Create and customize swim lanes
  • Describe good troubleshooting workflows.


  • ITSI Installation and Configuration – 10%
  • Compile a list of ITSI hardware suggestions
  • Describe the various ITSI deployment options.
  • Recognize ITSI components
  • Explain the installation process
  • Determine ITSI data input choices.
  • Integrate custom data into an ITSI setup.


  • Designing Services – 5%
  • Plan an ITSI installation based on customer needs.
  • Recognize site entities


  • Data audits and base searches – 5%
  • Conduct a data audit to determine key indicators of success for service.
  • Base design searches


  • Implementing Services – 5
  • Implement amenities in ITSI using a service design.


  • Limits and Time Policies – 5%
  • Develop KPIs with both static and adaptive criteria.
  • Define configurable thresholds using time policies.


  • Entities and Modules – 5%
  • Adding Entities
  • Making use of entities in KPI analyses
  • Module Utilization


  • 1Dependencies and Templates – 5%
  • Manage services using templates.
  • Identify service dependencies


  • Anomaly Detection – 5%
  • Make anomaly detection possible.
  • Handle-produced anomaly events


  • Correlation with Multi KPI Searches – 5%
  • Construct new association searches
  • Create multi-KPI alerts
  • Manage significant event storage


  • Aggregation Policies – 5%
  • Implement new aggregation algorithms
  • Make use of intelligent mode


  • Access Control – 5%
  • Set up user access control
  • Form service-level teams.


  • ITSI Troubleshooting – 10%
  • Backup and restoration
  • Mode of maintenance
  • Module Development
  • Debugging

IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam Policies

Before you begin your exam preparation, it is critical to review the exam policies provided by the vendor properly. This is significant because these regulations are the ground rules that all candidates must follow. Here are some important topics of IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam Policies –


  • Exam Retake Policy

If you do not pass the exam on your first attempt, you may retake it. However, the waiting times are seven days. Only after this time will you be able to retake the exam. You also have to pay the $125 exam cost again if you want to retake the exam.

  • Exam Rescheduling Policy

Cancellation or rescheduling is possible within a specific time range. Candidates who desire to cancel or reschedule the exam must do so at least 24 hours before.

  • Exam Validity

The SPLK-3002 Splunk IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam Certification is valid for three years. Following this term, you will need to retake the examination to recertify.

How to Pass/Prepare for the IT Service Intelligence Splunk Exam?

SPLK-3002 Splunk ITSI

Several parts of this IT Service Intelligence Splunk Exam might confuse even astute minds. The comprehensive syllabus, many questions, and conditions required to achieve a respectable grade can overwhelm a person. Nobody is born knowing all of the tactics and moves necessary to pass this exam. The more you practice, like any other task, the better you will become.

The applicant must overcome all doubts to prepare for the SPLK-3002 IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin exam. They must monitor every part of the examination. As a result, these suggestions are from experts who are just for you. So here we go:

  • Schedule an Exam

The only thing that inspires a candidate is the deadline. So, don’t waste time if an applicant is serious about studying for and passing the Splunk SPLK-3002 ITSI Exam. Register today and begin preparing to pass it.

Setting a date also allows the candidate to plan out their study schedule so they understand whenever they have time to devote to learning and what they need to learn to qualify for the exam.

If the aspirants are unsure about which content they need to study, that’s fine; we’ll review it in a moment.


  • Understand the Prerequisites

Applicants for the IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin Exam should complete the following lecture, practical labs, and quizzes:

  • System Administration for Splunk Enterprise
  • Splunk Enterprise Data Admin
  • Splunk Cloud Administration
  • Splunk Services Intelligence Implementation


  • Examine the Exam Objectives

The next step ought to become to go over the exam objectives again. Before you begin studying for the certification exam, ensure that you are up to speed on all exam information because certification examinations are constantly updated as new technology is introduced. So, your initial move should be to visit Splunk’s official portal and see if you and the internet site are on the same page. If not, ensure you’re current on all the latest exam information. Also, objectives are vital, so complete this phase successfully.


  • Study Splunk Resources

When preparing for an exam such as SPLK-3002 IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin, it is critical to visit the official website. The official website contains a wealth of helpful information and resources for preparation for the exam. Research guides, paper samples, whitepapers, paperwork, FAQs, and other resources are available. All of this information is available on the official page for the contender.


Participating in group studying will also benefit the candidates. It will motivate them to work harder. Furthermore, studying in a group will allow them to connect with those on the same route as them. Likewise, such study groups’ discussions will aid students in their tests. So practice, talk about it, and you’ll be an SPLK-3002 IT Service Intelligence Certified Admin in no time.

That is, they are significant compared to your previous practices. We recommend taking a few practice tests before sitting for the actual test. You can create your quiz and time it just like an exam. Examine your responses to find which queries have the most errors.

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