E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam Uncovered: Insider Tips!


Use this fast-start guide to learn all you need to know about the XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam. This study guide is a collection of goals and resources to assist you in preparing for the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architect test. The Sample Queries will assist you in determining the kind and difficulty level of the questions. At the same time, the Practice Exams will familiarize you with the format and setting of an exam. Before taking the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam, you should read this material thoroughly.

The E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam certification is primarily aimed at applicants looking to advance their careers in the XtremIO Solutions area. The Solutions and Design Specialist Exam certifies the candidate has core knowledge and demonstrated abilities in the Dell EMC DCS-TA domain. 

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What is the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam

The E20-526 certification exam assesses technology architects’ skills and expertise in building and executing XtremIO storage solutions. The E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam is designed for those with a solid grasp of storage technologies and who are capable of designing and implementing XtremIO storage solutions that match their organization’s demands.

The E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam covers several subjects, such as XtremIO architecture and features, data security, administration, and performance optimization. Candidates will be appraised on their ability to build and deploy XtremIO storage remedies that fit their organization’s demands, such as capacity planning, data security, and disaster recovery.

Candidates ought to possess a thorough grasp of storage technologies such as SAN and NAS and expertise with XtremIO storage systems to study for the XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam. Candidates should also understand the principles of data security, disaster recovery, and performance optimization approaches.

Passing the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Tech Architects shows the candidate’s ability to create and execute XtremIO storage systems that meet their organization’s needs, as well as their knowledge of storage methods, data protection, and operational optimization. This qualification can assist architects in furthering their careers in storage technology.

This Solutions and Design Specialist Exam focuses on the understanding and actions required for XtremIO and X2 product positioning, design, and demonstration in a client context. This thoroughly explains the features, capabilities, use cases, and settings of the XtremIO product families. It also entails developing XtremIO and X2 storage systems for applications requiring high performance and availability.

XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam Details


Here are the E20-526 solutions and design specialist exam details you must know:

Exam Name: 

  • XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam for Technology Architects Exam
  • Exam Code: E20-526
  • Number of Questions: 60
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 63%
  • Exam Price: $230 USD

E20-526 Solutions and Design Specialist Exam Course Outline


This E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam is expected to cover the following topics:

  • Operations And Management For XtremIO And X2 – 20%

    • Identify and characterize the software and hardware components of the XtremIO X2.
    • Compare and contrast the architectures of XtremIO and X2.
    • Provide an overview of the XtremIO X2 Managed Server.
    • Use the GUI and CLI to manage XtremIO X2.
    • NVRAM data protection and operation
    • Explain how to handle several XtremIO X2 clusters.
  • Configurations Of Hosts In XtremIO And X2 Systems – 15%

    • Explain shared host setups such as HBAs, multipathing, and so on.
    • Describe the ESXi operating system’s distinct configuration.
    • Describe various operating system configurations such as Windows from Microsoft, Linux, Solaris by Sun, IBM AIX, and HP-UX for internal use only.
  • Data Replication XtremIO X2 – 7%

    • Explain how to use and maintain XtremIO X2 snapshots.
    • Explain how to use and manage Recover Point for both local and distant replication using XtremIO X2.
  • Optimization And Performance Administration For XtremIO X2 – 6%

    • Overview of efficiency, XtremIO X2 construction, and description of environmental/host techniques as well as accessible benchmarking tools
    • Describe the elements of the Technical Support page, matrixes, documentation, E-Lab, and other XtremIO Support structures.
    • Describe how to maintain an XtremIO X2 Proof of Concept (PoC). 
  • XtremIO And X2 Are Positioned – 12%

    • Explain the advantages of All-Flash arrays and XtremIO.
    • Describe how to utilize XMS Simulator – what to demonstrate and when to use it.
    • Describe the advantages of post-processing processes.
    • Show the value of XDP – performance.
    • Describe the characteristics of the XtremIO X2, such as deduplication, bending, encryption, and so on.
  • Data Collection And Analysis – 13%

    • Identify and record the customer needs and the environment
    • Identify and define data collection tools and methods.
    • Recognize analytical instruments and how they are utilized to examine data.
    • Position an XtremIO X2 product to suit the needs of the customer.
  • Constructing An XtremIO X2 Service – 27%

    • Considerations for Performance Design
    • Create an XtremIO X2 solution that includes deduplication, compression, encryption, and replication capabilities.
    • Create an XtremIO X2 system for virtual desktop environments.
    • Create an XtremIO X2 solution for applications using databases.
    • Create a scalable design.
    • Explain the Cloud and Platform 3 (P3) design factors for an XtremIO X2 system.

The percentages after every subject above represent an approximation of the total number of questions on the exam.

Why You Must Take the E20-526 Solutions and Design Specialist Exam?

The E20-526 Solutions and Design Specialist Exam is critical for anyone looking to advance their knowledge of technology, especially data storage and administration. This Dell EMC certification validates one’s abilities in planning, developing, and executing storage systems based on the Dell EMC XtremIO system.

Taking the E20-526 test provides numerous compelling reasons why it is worthwhile:

It proves your ability to create solutions utilizing the Dell EMC XtremIO technology. This certification attests to your knowledge and talents in this specialist field, bringing legitimacy to your skill set.

Furthermore, certification from recognized sources such as Dell EMC dramatically improves one’s professional chances. Employers constantly seek certified specialists, and having this degree might lead to new career prospects or progress within one’s existing company.

The E20-526 credential displays your effort to remain current with developing technology and indicates your commitment to continual learning in the ever-changing IT business.

Furthermore, studying for the test provides you with in-depth information and practical abilities for building storage solutions. This information is immediately applicable in real-world circumstances, allowing you to make significant contributions to your firm’s success.

Taking the E20-526 Solutions and Design Specialist Exam is, in essence, a proactive move toward both personal and professional development. It pushes you to broaden your skill set, problem-solving talents, and analytical abilities, ultimately making you a valuable contributor to the technology industry.

Why Choose Us?

We regularly review the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist topics for Tech Architect. If the exam themes change slightly, we update our queries and data accordingly. It facilitates easy preparation. We depend heavily on our previous successful candidates’ comments, messages, and feedback. Consistent feedback from successful applicants also aids in the upkeep of the pool of E20-526 practice questions. Adequately updating the materials enables applicants to deal with the study plan readily. We take these easy procedures at Troytec to ensure our users’ pleasure and success. Troytec has been a trustworthy and effective test material provider due to our continuous improvement over the last ten years.

It is well known that passing the E20-526 test is difficult, but you may do it with simplicity if you have a reliable study partner. Consider the job opportunities available if you obtain the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam certification. You may acquire some of the most relevant questions to help you prepare for your test. We provide questions with a natural test environment at Troytec, steadily improving your preparation level and winning you the E20-526 credential on your first attempt.

E20-526 Solutions and Design Specialist Exam Questions


Below are some of the sample questions you can analyze and have an idea of what gems our professional PDF file will include:

Question 1:

How many more SSDs will be present in a wholly occupied XtremIO X2 DAE than in a fully populated XtremIO DAE?

  1. 11
  2. 29
  3. 35
  4. 47

D is the answer.

Question 2:

What is the appropriate physical block size increase for Solaris 11.2 systems running ZFS while joining an XtremIO cluster operating 3.0.0-44 (or later)?

  1. Increase the physical sector size of the LUN to 512.
  2. Increase the logical structure of ZFS to 256.
  3. Align the physical area size of the OS LUN with the logical structure of ZFS.
  4. Increase the logical structure of ZFS to 1024.

C is the answer.

Question 3:

XtremIO X2 deduplication operates at what degree of granularity?

  1. 8 kB variable
  2. 16 kB fixed
  3. 32 kB variable
  4. 32 kB fixed

B is the answer.

Question 4:

What is the objective of the Age phase while utilizing the XtremIO PoC Toolkit?

  1. Write to a defined range of physical block addresses indefinitely to verify Flash endurance.
  2. Rewrite each LUN many times to guarantee it has all unique data.
  3. Evaluate the All-Flash array’s efficiency using non-production static data.
  4. Scatter writes throughout the entire array to imitate normal system usage.

D is the answer.

Question 5:

Which technology has the largest overhead capacity

  1. RAID 1
  2. RAID 5
  3. RAID 6
  4. XDP

A is the answer.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What is the E20-526 Solutions and Design Exam?

The E20-526 certification exam examines technology architects’ abilities and knowledge in developing and implementing XtremIO storage systems. The E20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam is intended for people who understand the latest storage technologies and can build and execute XtremIO storage devices that meet their company’s needs.

What is the Passing Score for the E20-526 Solutions and Design Exam?

The passing score for the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions And Design Specialist Exam is around 63%.

What is the duration of the E20-526 Solutions and Design Exam?

You will have almost 90 minutes to attempt all the E20-526 XtremIO Solutions And Design Specialist Exam questions.


This certification and instruction prepare professionals to position, present, and construct solutions based on XtremIO and X2 storage platforms.

The certification is backed up by a core curriculum that describes the essential elements of the XtremIO and X2 systems, as well as their features and best practices for designing solutions for customers’ settings.

To prepare for the DE20-526 XtremIO Solutions and Design Specialist Exam, we suggest an authorized training course, practice tests, and hands-on experience. Comment if you have any questions about E20-526 Solutions and design exam and get your answers accordingly!

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