10 Tips to Dominate the Cisco Field Technician Exam

Cisco Field Technician

A fantastic strategy to get started with the 500-210 Cisco Field Technician exam certification preparation is to understand the position of the curriculum and study guide in the Cisco 500-210 certification test. The following study guide is designed to help you get on the same page as Cisco and comprehend the 500-210 Cisco Field Technician exam.

Our team of experts created this 500-210 Cisco Field Technician exam preparation directly to provide a summary of the Cisco Field Technician exam, study material, examples of questions from the practice exam, and methods for interpreting exam objectives to assist you in assessing your ability to prepare for the Cisco Field Technician exam through highlighting prerequisite areas of knowledge.

We recommend that you review the simulation questions and practice test in this handbook to understand what questions will be asked and the level of complexity that may be assessed on the Cisco Field Technician exam dumps.

Continue reading and exploring to learn all the necessary information to pass the Cisco Field Technician 500-210 exam in 2024.

What is the 500-210 Cisco Field Technician Exam?

Cisco Field Technician

This Cisco Field Technician exam assesses candidates’ expertise and capacity to configure, clause, and debug Cisco NCS 2000 product systems.

The Cisco Field Technician exam contains scenario-based and practical examples, allowing students to apply their knowledge in real-life circumstances. They will also discover hands-on activities and practice questions that mirror test conditions, allowing them to track their progress while discovering areas for growth.

The 500-210 Cisco Field Technician exam is for professionals who want to show their knowledge of Cisco’s Service Provider Mobility LTE Networking course. This exam assesses a candidate’s knowledge and abilities in constructing and troubleshooting networks using LTE and integrating advanced features, including carrier collection, voice-over LTE, and mobile services.

It is no longer difficult to locate a decent study guide for your IT test preparation since the Cisco Field Technician exam dumps material has covered all of the most complex parts of the industry for everyone.

It is intended for professionals in the service provider business who thoroughly grasp mobile networking technology and protocols. Individuals who complete the 500-210 Exam will achieve the Cisco Certified Network Professionals (CCNP) provider credential. This certification is highly recognized in the business and can lead to new career and promotion possibilities for experts in the sector.

The 500-210 exam is a 75-minute examination with 45-55 questions related to the Cisco Services Provider Optical Technology Specialization. Candidates can study for this test by attending the Cisco Field Technician exam instructor-led course.

500-210 Cisco Field Technician Exam Details

Cisco Field Technician

Here are the details for the 500-210 Cisco exam:

  • Exam Name: Cisco SP Optical Technology Field Technician Representative
  • Exam Code: 500-210
  • Number of Questions: 45-55
  • Exam Duration: 75 minutes
  • Passing Score: 750-850/1000
  • Exam Fee: $300 USD


500-210 Cisco Field Technician Exam Syllabus

Here are the domains for the 500-210 Cisco exam that you must know before attempting  the actual one:

  • Fundamentals – 10%
  • Product Basics
  • DWDM Basics
  • Optical network security
  • Optic cable
  • Shelf design and software.
  • Documentation


  • Essential operation, setting up, and turn-up – 30%.
  • Cisco Transportation Controller
  • Cisco Transportation Planner
  • NCS 2002 and 2006 installations
  • Multi-shelf basics
  • Node turn-up.


  • Transponder, Muxponder, and Loop Provisioning – 30%
  • Optical channel internet access
  • Client connections for optical channels and transponders
  • 10G muxponder and transmitter.
  • Wire-speed encoding
  • 100G transponders and muxponders.


  • Light ROADM Configuration – 30%
  • ROADM Intro and Hardware
  • Two degrees ROADM
  • Colorless ports.
  • Mesh Nodes
  • Omnidirectional Add/Drop
  • Supported ROADM setups

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Cisco Field Technician

The Cisco Field Technician exam dumps are the quickest way to pass and become certified. These 500-210 braindumps cover the most essential aspects of the Field Engineer accreditation that may appear on the actual 500-210 test. The Cisco Field Technician exam dumps comprise simple questions and answers, with examples and simulations provided as needed. Troytec  500-210 questions and answers were created to make test preparation easy and enjoyable for our clients.

Simple Tips for Passing the Cisco 500-210 Exam

Passing the 500-210 test with high marks necessitates careful planning and a planned approach. The Evaluation of Health Plan Understanding test (500-210) examines your understanding of health plans, particularly their design, management, and legislation. Here are a few tips to help you prepare successfully:

  1. Grasp the Exam Content

Read the Cisco Field Technician exam syllabus and grasp the subjects covered. This will assist you in developing a study plan that focuses on the areas you most need to improve.

  1. Gather Study Resources

Gather instructional materials like textbooks, internet resources, practice examinations, and study guides tailored to the 500-210 Cisco Field Technician exam.

  1. Create a prepared Schedule.

Set aside time each day or weekly to prepare for the exam. Divide the material into digestible chunks and establish goals for every study session.

  1. Studying Strategically

Active learning approaches include summarizing essential concepts, teaching the topic to someone else, and generating flashcards. Practice answering sample questions to become acquainted with the exam style and schedule.

  1. Focus on key areas

Pay close attention to exam topics that are extensively stressed, such as health plan kinds, regulations (e.g., HIPAA, ACA), reliability assurance, managing risks, and customer service.

  1. Use Practice examinations

Take many practice examinations in exam-like settings to assess your understanding and find areas for growth. Analyze your blunders and adequately examine the relevant areas.

  1. Stay Current

Be aware of any updates or changes in healthcare rules and policies, as the test may include problems based on current events and developments.

  1. Seek Additional Supplies

Consider joining study clubs, taking review courses, or getting advice from professionals who have already passed the 500-210 Cisco Field Technician exam certifications.

  1. Manage Anxiety

Use relaxation techniques and live a healthy lifestyle to cope with exam-related stress. Make sure you receive enough sleep and exercise to keep your thinking fresh.

  1. Review and Revise

In the moments preceding the exam, review your notes and revisit difficult areas. Instead of cramming new material, focus on strengthening your comprehension.

500-210 Cisco Field Technician Exam Sample Questions

Here are the sample questions for the Cisco 500-210 exam you must have a look at before taking the actual exam in 2024:

Question 1:

Which method enables 100G transponders to take several wavelengths as input without demultiplexing the combined signal?

  1. AQPSK modulation
  2. Forward error correction
  3. Coherent transmission.
  4. Dual polarization modulation

Question 2:

If cards have not yet been placed during Automatic Node Setup, what will the setup tool do throughout slot setup?

  1. Terminate The Procedure And Restart
  2. Ignore The Empty Spots And On To The Next Stage.
  3. Send An Error Message, Disconnect, And Restart.
  4. Pre-provision slots with a suitable card

Question 3:

Where can the user access the software release level in the Cisco Transport Controller for all network node locations?

  1. Shelf > Maintenance > Software.
  2. Network > Maintenance > Software.
  3. Node > Maintenance > Software
  4. Shelf: Maintenance > Bandwidth Power

Question 4:

What does the Functional View display in the Cisco Transport Controller?

  1. The Magnitudes Of Each Wavelength.
  2. Slot Allocations For Line Cards In The Chassis.
  3. Fiber Connections Between Cards And Hubs
  4. Wavelength routing over the network

Question 5:

Which two alternatives serve as the mesh patch panel’s fundamental building blocks? (Choose two)

  1. MF-MOD-DEG-5
  2. MF-1×16-COFS
  3. MF-4×4-COFS
  4. MF-MOD-UPG-4

Question 6:

In Cisco Transport Planners, which report do you use to identify which wavelengths are employed in which network parts?

  1. Traffic matrix.
  2. Link Availability.
  3. Wavelength Routing.
  4. Internal connections.

Question 7:

Which are the two functioning methods for the 10 port SFP+ line cards?

(Choose two)

  1. Wire-speed encryption.
  2. Ten 10g muxponder clients for 100g line cards
  3. Five 10g transponders.
  4. Dispersion adjustment

Question 8:

Which three tasks do passive module USB ports serve?

Choose three.

  1. Optical power monitoring.
  2. wavelength provisioning
  3. Port security.
  4. Lamp illumination for location
  5. Inventory serial number 
  6. Charging cell phones

Question 9:

Which document do you use to learn about procedures (releases 10.0 and later)?

  1. Start-Up Guide.
  2. Reference Guide.
  3. Configuration Guide.
  4. Upgrade Guide.

Question 10:

What kind of architecture uses nLight ROADM?

  1. Broadcast and choose.
  2. Drop and proceed.
  3. route and Select
  4. Pass through and drop.


It is now extremely simple to acquire legitimate and dependable study materials from Realexamdumps.com for a very little cost. There are no misunderstandings or confusions left after reading this brief summary of all syllabus ideas. The best effort has been done to instill a thorough comprehension of the field alongside an accurate description of exam themes. Cisco Field Technician exam dumps material contains several distinguishing features that recommend obtaining this guide for the best learning experience in the least amount of time.

Candidates who grasp the exam objectives, prepare properly, and use appropriate test-taking tactics can position themselves for achievement and develop their careers in this exciting profession. Comment below your queries (if any) about the exceptional 500-250 Cisco field technician exam and get the best response from our professional team accordingly!

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

Is Previous Networking Experience Necessary For The 500-210 Exam?

Past networking experience is beneficial, but it is not a must. Students must know networking ideas and terminology to grasp the test material correctly.

How Long Is The 500-210 Exam Valid?

The 500-210 test certification is valid for three years. To retain certification, applicants must pass a recertification test or complete additional training activities.

Can I Retake The 500-210 Test If I Fail On The First Attempt?

Yes, applicants may repeat the 500-210 test if they fail on their first try. However, Cisco limits the number of retakes and waiting times between attempts and meticulously checks exam conditions.

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