The Ultimate 4 Guide to AWS Certified Big Data Certification

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Cracking the Code: The Ultimate Guide to AWS Certified Big Data Certification!

Corporations seek experts to handle and interpret large-scale data sets in a contemporary data-driven environment. As the demand for qualified big data specialists grows, earning industry-recognized qualifications has become critical for standing out. The AWS Certified Big Data Certification is one of the most desirable qualifications in the sector.

This thorough guide will offer you the route to effectively tackle the AWS Certified Big Data Certification journey, whether you belong to an aspiring data engineer, data researcher, or data science professional. This article will comprehensively break down the certification’s technical components, explain the exam (BDS-C00) objectives, and provide essential insights and tools to help you succeed.

The AWS Certified Big Data Certification is intended for individuals who have a thorough understanding of AWS services and are skilled at establishing and carrying out big data solutions utilizing various tools and technologies. This certification confirms your ability to analyze or process massive data sets, apply data security standards, and maximize effectiveness and productivity using AWS services.

Throughout this resource, we will look at the test domains such as data collection, storage, handling, evaluation, representation, and safety. We’ll review the main ideas, best practices, and actual-life situations you’ll need to know to ace the certification exam. In addition, we will emphasize the necessary resources, practice examinations, and study approaches that will equip you to take the AWS-certified big data specialty exam (BDS-C00) confidently.

In short, in this guide, you should thoroughly grasp the AWS Certified Big Data Certification, be adequately prepared to crack the code and join the community of certified big data specialists. So, let us go on this revolutionary adventure to discover the vast potential that awaits us in the world of big data!

What is Big Data?

AWS Certified

Big data refers to vast, expanded sets of data that are mounting at an increasing rate. It includes the information volume, the velocity or speed with which it develops and is gathered, and the number and nature of the data elements covered (the “all three v’s” of big data). Big data is frequently derived by data extraction and arrives in various formats.

Big data is a large amount of diverse data emerging in increasing amounts and at a faster rate. Big data is classified into two types: structured data (usually numeric, easily documented, and retained) and unstructured data (a tremendous amount of free-form, less quantifiable).

Almost all divisions in a firm can use big data analysis results, but dealing with the associated clutter or noise can be challenging. Big data can be acquired through publicly revealed comments on online forums and websites and through intentionally obtained individual devices and apps, survey replies, product transactions, and technical check-ins.

Big data is often stored in computing devices and processed using software to handle large, complex data volumes.

Big data can be classified as either unorganized or organized. Structured data is data that an organization has already controlled in databases and worksheets; it is typically numerical. Unstructured information must be more organized and fit into an established structure or format. It contains data from social media sources to assist organizations in gathering information on client demands.

Big data can be taken via publicly published comments on social media sites and websites and from voluntarily collected personal gadgets and apps, surveys, product transactions, and electronic check-ins. Including sensors and other interfaces in smart devices enables data to be managed across various settings and conditions.

Who is AWS Certified Big Data Specialist?

An AWS Certified Big Data Specialist is a highly skilled specialist with deep knowledge of using AWS, or Amazon Web Services, to handle and analyze enormous amounts of data. They can design, execute, and optimize big data applications using AWS services and resources.

These experts are well-versed in AWS services, such as Amazon S3 for storage spaces. Amazon EMR uses for manufacturing, Amazon Redshift for data logistics, and Amazon Athena for retrieving data immediately in S3. They have extensive experience configuring and administering large data processing platforms such as Apache Hadoop & Apache Spark using AWS architecture.

Furthermore, an AWS Certified Big Data Specialist has advanced knowledge of big data acquisition methodologies, changing data, information oversight, and data security.

They are skilled at designing flexible and fault-tolerant structures to guarantee that big data applications have high availability and dependability.

These experts, who have an in-depth awareness of AWS big data solutions and best practices, play a critical role in assisting enterprises in extracting valuable insights from their data, allowing decision-making based on data, and promoting company success—an AWS certified big data specialist who acquired AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Course.

What is AWS Big Data Certification?

AWS Certified

AWS Big Data Certification is a distinguished credential that verifies an individual’s knowledge of big data capabilities using AWS services. Organizations rely primarily on vast volumes of data to gather insights and make well-informed choices in today’s data-driven environment. This certification provides professionals with the abilities and knowledge they need to flourish in big data insights on the AWS platform.

The AWS Certified Big Data Certification encompasses various big data management and visualization subjects. It digs into the basic principles of AWS technologies like Amazon S3, Redshift, EMR, and Athena, which are critical for efficiently handling and analyzing massive datasets.

Candidates must also demonstrate knowledge of data logistics, data centers, and streaming methods and the capacity to design, deploy, and secure sustainable big data solutions.

AWS Certified Big Data Certification has various advantages. It boosts one’s trustworthiness as a big data specialist and gives them an edge in the employment market. It verifies proficiency in utilizing AWS services to address real-world big data difficulties, allowing individuals to contribute to their employers’ data-driven efforts effectively. Furthermore, credentialed professionals can access a network of similar experts and exclusive resources, allowing for ongoing learning and progress.

Main Advantages of Getting an AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Certification

The AWS Certified big data specialty certification certifies technical abilities and knowledge in AWS service design and deployment. The certification would focus on extracting value from data and be appropriate for individuals undertaking complex big-data research. The certification assesses candidates’ skills in the following areas:

  • Implementing essential AWS big data amenities following best practices for the basic architecture
  • Big data design and upkeep.
  • Making the greatest of data analysis tools for automation

As a result, the AWS big data specialty certification demonstrates that a person can function effectively as a data scientist. The certificate also shows that an employee is qualified to work with AWS technologies and Big data standards for data science.

Here are some main Advantages of getting an AWS Big Data Specialty Certification:

A Pledging Approach for Skills Development

The first advantage of AWS Certified Big Data specialized certification is increased access to a larger ecosystem. AWS offers a wider range of devices and goods than Cloud IaaS services. AWS’s various methods and approaches for all stages of big data management improve your job possibilities. The AWS big data professional certificate gives you much freedom in deciding on a professional path.

You can use AWS Lambda to investigate AI or your expertise in High-Performance server-less computing. You could pursue a profession in storage systems using AWS S3. Will the future possibilities given by the big data specialty credential be beneficial?

  • The Major Raise in Salary

Another significant advantage of big data specialty accreditation is the AWS-certified big data income. Uncertified data specialists in the United States could make an annual salary of $100,000. However, having the AWS credential may assist in increasing the number. According to general estimations, the starting point for AWS-certified big data pay is USD 160,000 annually.

However, with further expertise, you may make more than $252,000 annually on average. Most importantly, you can increase your average yearly pay estimate by concentrating on several AWS talents. Examples contain AWS Dynamo DB, Elastic Map Reduce, Elastic Cache, Cloud Watch, Lambda, and other AWS tools.

  • Cost-Effectiveness

The option of AWS-certified big data specialty certification is also advantageous in pricing. This certification may be the most cost-effective for candidates. AWS has consistently offered the most affordable certification registrations in the industry. Candidates could also sign up for a year’s free Amazon Web Services trial. Furthermore, AWS certification training resources and supplies are more affordable than other options. Candidates may gain hands-on expertise with AWS services, including Dynamo DB, AWS Glue, Lambda, and S3.

  • Raising the Appeals to Employers

The global market is another substantial benefit of AWS’s specialized big data certification. IT specialists with extensive expertise in big data as well as AWS solutions, might find rewarding job opportunities all over the entire globe. Most importantly, having the designation of AWS certified specialist adds more value to your career. As a result, many corporations prefer to have an AWS-certified professional on their team instead of an unlicensed employee.

  • Career Growth

The final benefit of AWS-certified big data specialty certification is access to promising work prospects. The majority of positions in the cloud computing sector require AWS expertise. Furthermore, in 2019, there will be nearly 350,000 new needs in various AWS positions. As a result, individuals can reach new career milestones with higher employment opportunities. As a result, specialty certification can be a powerful driver of career advancement.

Comprehensive AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty Certification Guide

AWS certifications are presently among the most exclusive in the IT sector. Furthermore, as larger and small organizations migrate to the cloud, the marketplace for AWS cloud is constantly evolving. Moreover, AWS has introduced several certifications ranging from Beginner to Specialty level. However, preparation for these exams is more complex. But before preparing for the AWS Big Data Specialty Certificate test, let’s examine the exam specifications.

  1. AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam BDS-C00 Details and Cost

AWS Certified Big Data Specialty exam, or BDS-C00, is designed for those who perform complex big data analysis. The test validates an examinee’s technological skills and experience in creating and implementing AWS services to extract value from data. The AWS Accredited Big Data Specialty examination will be an invaluable opportunity for one’s career to advance to new heights.

The exam charges $300 to take. There is no reduction for retakes; each attempt is the same price. If you want to repeat the exam, you must postpone 14 days before trying again, but you will find out how much you passed promptly.

After passing an exam and becoming AWS certified, you can receive a 50% discount on yet another test or recertification and a free practice exam coupon to assist you in obtaining your following badge.

However, there are some methods in which you can get a discount. You can request an allowance for the cost of AWS Certification examinations if you are an eligible US veteran funded by a GI Bill with a learning component. You must pay for your exam in advance, but you can submit a VA request to have the expense compensated.

2. Perquisites for AWS Big Data Specialty Exam

The AWS Accredited Big Data Specialty exam validates technical skills and engagement in advancing and implementing AWS assistance to create value from data. Furthermore, candidates must have at least two years of practical experience because this exam is hard. You must also have the following:

  • First, you must have at least 2 years of experience administering AWS technology.


  • Second, you must have at least five years of experience in Big Data Analytics. 


  • Significant knowledge and expertise in collaborating with AWS security systems are also required.


  • Furthermore, understanding how to get control over the data is required.


  • Then, understanding of AWS services and architecture and how to incorporate them.


  • Nonetheless, the capacity to design an economical and scalable data processing system

3. AWS Big Data Specialty Certification Exam (BDS-C00) Format

Understanding the exam pattern will help you prepare significantly. It serves as a template for your exam and assists you in preparing for what you’ll confront on exam day. Understanding the exam format can assist you in aligning your planning with the exam and its goals. 

  • The exam BDS-C00 will contain 65 Multiple Choice and Multi-Response Questions. 


  • You will also have 170 minutes to accomplish it.


  • It will also set you back roughly $300.


  • It is available in English, Japanese, Korean, & Traditional Chinese. 


  • Most significantly, you must obtain an acceptable result of 75%-80% to obtain this certification.

4. AWS Big Data Specialty Certification Exam (BDS-C00) Course Outline

The course line contains all relevant AWS Accredited Big Data Specialty test information. Furthermore, the course outline covers weightings, exam domains, and objectives. Look at the AWS Accredited Big Data Specialty exam topics and subtopics. 

Domain 1: Collection

  • Determining the collection system’s operational aspects
  • Choose a collection strategy that considers the frequency of data translation and the form of data being absorbed.
  • Identifying the qualities that the collecting system must implement: order, metadata, data organization, and so on
  • Explaining the accumulation approach’s longevity and accessibility features

Domain 2: Storage

  • Evaluating and optimizing the data retention solution’s operating properties
  • Modeling access to information and retrieval
  • Mechanisms for evaluating collection and recovery of library entries
  • Choosing the best data structures and storage configuration

Domain 3: Processing

  • Determining the appropriate data processing method for a specific case
  • Learning how to design and build a data processing solution
  • Identifying the operational features of the solution

Domain 4: Evaluation

  • Defining the analytical tools and approaches
  • Managing the process of designing and architecting the analytical solution
  • Discovering and improving the Analysis’ operational views

Domain 5: Visualization

  • Choosing the best methods for distributing the results/output
  • Understanding how to develop and build the Visualization platform
  • Planning and improving the Visualization system’s operational elements

Domain 6: Data Security 

  • Developing encryption requirements and putting solutions in place
  • Choosing the right technology to apply data governance
  • Determining ways to ensure data integrity
  • Considering regulatory obligations

Is AWS Certified Big Data Specialty Exam (BDS-C00) Difficult?

One of the most challenging AWS credentials to obtain is the AWS Big Data Specialty Certificate Exam. This exam includes various scenario-based questions with lengthy descriptions that make it difficult to understand the question. However, the key to passing an exam is proper preparation.

Because the AWS Big Data Specialty Certified Exam assesses your technical competence, you must be familiar with the methods and how they work together. Some questions are tricky, so understand the phrases’ differences and choose the best response in the real world. Furthermore, there is no simple formula for passing the exam. In conclusion, you must have access to the appropriate materials to deepen your learning and widen your knowledge scope.

Remember that all outstanding accomplishments take time. As a result, qualifying for certification takes time and effort. It also needs to be faster. But the effort and determination are well worth it.

What is an AWS Big Data Certification Salary?

AWS Certified

The AWS Big Data Certification has become a sought-after accreditation for people looking to advance their data analysis and cloud computing careers. This certification verifies knowledge of big data technologies and techniques used in the AWS ecosystem. As a result, those who hold this accreditation can expect to earn a competitive income.

Based on 60 answers, the AWS Certified Big Data – Specialty credential has an average income of $134,793 in the US and Canada. This certification certifies your technical knowledge and experience in establishing and carrying out AWS services for extracting and demonstrating value from data. The exam is designed for people who conduct advanced big data analytics and certifies their skills to:

  • Deploy core AWS Big Data services following fundamental design best practices.
  • Create and manage large data
  • Make use of tools for automating data analysis.


Acquiring the AWS Certified Big Data certification is a huge game changer for aspiring data specialists. This in-depth guide provided vital insights and recommendations for cracking the code and obtaining this certification. Candidates can become experts in big data by digging into the depths of Amazon’s cloud services to discover the best methods for handling and analyzing enormous datasets.

The AWS Certified Big Data certification verifies one’s talents and offers a universe of professional options. Companies must be more active in looking for individuals who can effectively leverage the perspective of big data since there is a mounting need for data-driven decision-making. This qualification attests to an individual’s competence and proficiency in complicated data environments.

The AWS Certified Big Data examination proficiency is within reach if you stick to the study plan, practice with real-world scenarios, and use the available tools. So, dive and start your journey to grow into an AWS Big Data specialist. Remember that breaking the code entails more than just passing an exam; it also entails gaining the information and abilities to catapult your career to new heights.


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