Data Engineer Certification: The Key to Unlocking Lucrative Career Opportunities in 2023

Data Engineer Certification

Data Engineer Certification: The Key to Unlocking Lucrative Career Opportunities in the Digital Age!

Data has grown to be the primary driver behind success in business in today’s digital age, and businesses rely on skilled people to handle and evaluate their data. Data engineering has been recognized as an essential function within institutions responsible for designing, constructing, and managing data equipment and services. As a result, acquiring a data engineer certification can lead to lucrative career opportunities in this fast-paced industry.

A data engineer certification validates your ability to design and implement data pipelines, datasets, and data stores and your knowledge of various tools and technologies. It also demonstrates your understanding of data modeling work, data integration, and metadata management, all of which are necessary skills for any data science role.

With the increasing need for information engineers, obtaining a certification can provide you with a competitive edge in the job market and possibilities for promotion and higher pay. In this informative blog, we’ll look at the compensations of earning a data engineer certification and how it can support you in growing as an expert in the digital age.

Who is a Data Engineer?

Data engineers are in charge of enchanting and distributing data in an easy-to-understand and calculated format. Experienced data technicians have many skills, including system design, programming, interface design, and sensor configuration. Their daily tasks could include constructing data pipelines, implementing predictive models, cleaning the data, and many other things.

This should be distinct from data science; data engineers frequently collaborate with data analysts and are now in more excellent supply than data scientists. According to Info Works, at least two data engineers are expected for every data scientist to complete a project or task sufficiently.

Comprehensive Data Engineer Certification Guide in 2023

Data Engineer Certification

One of the best careers on the planet is data engineering because it incorporates the gratification of resolving complicated issues with the capacity to bring about real change.

In data engineering, you’ll collaborate with people worldwide and help shape how businesses make decisions. You’ll work on things affecting people’s lives and help solve big problems, like lowering traffic accidents and increasing factory efficiency. You can also learn data engineer certification free of cost.

Data engineer certification also enables you to form strong bonds with people supporting your interest’s ethics. You’ll be able to work together on developments that are imperative to both of you, eventually leading to permanent friends and specialized contacts. Data engineer certification AWS can provide you with what you always wish to have on your resume.

Here are Following the Five Best Data Engineer Certifications in 2023:

Data Engineer Certification

Pluralsight Data Engineer Certification AWS Machine Learning

If you want to work as a data engineer or get an understanding of the field, Data Technology is for you. It is the best data engineer certification on our list.

This module will show you how to select the best AWS service for any provided data-related classification algorithm ML task. During this time, you will investigate the various data storage software solutions on AWS and the applications for each.

As you progress, you will learn how AWS incorporates data into ML-specific services. The final step will be to figure out how to convert your raw data into a form that AWS Machine Learning can comprehend. It is also the best data engineer certification for beginners.

Dataquest Data Engineering Career Path

Dataquest’s Data Engineer Chosen Career will expand your knowledge of creating and carrying out data engineering techniques that benefit commercial organizations. The fundamentals of workflows, data quality, and analytics will be covered, as well as iterative trees, comprehensive data optimization, methodologies, and data structures.

You’ll also learn how to use PostgreSQL to build data pipes for data engineering; this training will show you essential points like SQL statements and subqueries that will serve as the foundation of your career path.

Exploit this opportunity to establish the data engineering skills that employers look for today.

Azure Data Engineering Specialization

This data engineer certification from Microsoft is the best among all the above certificates. It is also the best data engineer certification for beginners. You can also earn the data engineer certification free of cost. Start taking the Microsoft Azure Data Engineering Assistant Exam Prep Specialized knowledge course to advance your data engineering job.

Those with no data experience in the industry or those looking to improve their skills will understand the basics of data engineering. How to start taking their skills will improve in this course curriculum. During the course, you will gain real-world experience by using real-world scenarios that cover all concepts on the exam.

Microsoft Azure offers powerful data processing and business intelligence capabilities. The Microsoft Azure Data Engineering Assistant Exam Prep Specialization is perfect for everyone who is curious about Microsoft Azure or improving their examination, such as data lakes and systems can perform.

Google Cloud Data Engineer Professional Certification

Google’s Cloud-based Data Engineer Professional Credential is a versatile online certificate program that will give you a reasonable basis in big key data and machine learning product lines in Google Cloud in 5 months or less. It includes hands-on labs with Qwiklabs. This credential program is intended to begin preparing you for the Google Cloud Certified and is planned for experts with a basic understanding of the data engineering principles. Because not all businesses use Google Cloud, this is not a credential exam that will hardly qualify you as a data engineer, instead focusing on data engineering on Google Cloud.

It is a popular choice for a data engineering professional qualification. As per a 2020 Gallup poll, 81% of certificate graduates felt they could demonstrate cloud skill expertise to recruiters, and 85percent of the total felt confident in their cloud skills.

Because this highly qualified certificate is designed for intermediate-level data scientists, you should be familiar with SQL and have experienced similar development in commonly used programming languages. It is also the best data engineer certification in 2023.

IBM Data Engineering – Professional Certification

Data Engineer Certification

It is the ideal data engineer certification everyone wants to pursue in 2023. IBM’s Data Engineering Expert Certificate is a flexible online credential program that, in 15 months less, offers students with job-ready abilities, techniques, and a profile (based on 4 hours per week). The course is supposed to prepare you for an entry-level data engineer role. You’ll learn to employ Python to retrieve, reshape, and load (ETL) information, work with database systems, query data utilizing SQL, and collaborate with Spark and Hadoop big data engines.

  • This program allows you to earn up to 12 college credits.
  • This program does not require any previous data engineering or coding experience or educational background.

What is an Average Data Engineer’s Salary?

A lucrative salary is a significant motivation for many individuals when selecting a career trajectory. With data engineers normally earning tens of thousands of bucks, it’s easy to see why they’re becoming gradually in demand. According to Glassdoor, the regular yearly income for expert data engineers in the US is $116,591. This is only the estimated yearly base pay; it does not include any other corporation perks, including holiday bonus payments or stock options. On top of the scale, qualified data engineers with the necessary credentials can earn up to $160,000 annually.

What is The Future of Data Engineering?

There is indeed a data engineer behind each interesting thing we listen about in the faraway and not-so-distant coming years. Self-driving or automatic cars are attractive, less of an outlier, and may soon become the standard, with more exploration & development focused on these advancing technologies. As this technology becomes more common, the need for information engineers will only increase.


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Data engineering is an important field in today’s digital age. Data engineers are in high demand, and acquiring a credential can lead to lucrative career opportunities. A data engineer certification validates your knowledge of the skills and technologies required to effectively design, build, retain, and manage data systems. With a data engineer certificate, you can work in numerous industry divisions, such as healthcare, financial facilities, and e-commerce.

Furthermore, the certification has a significant competitive advantage and assists you in standing out in the employment market. In short, a data engineer certification is a worthwhile investment that can lead to a satisfying and enjoyable job in data engineering. Comment below your essential queries related to data engineering certifications and get the best answer from Hotcerts’ professional support team accordingly!

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