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4A0-AI1 Nokia

One of the most beneficial professional certifications you can obtain is the 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional. You may advance your career and have a lot of chances with this qualification. However, only if you have the appropriate study materials will you be able to obtain this certification.

Nokia stands as one of the best certification vendors in the whole world. Its certification value is higher than other vendors. Moreover, employers are also looking for professionals with a Nokia certification, such as the 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional. This credential is not for beginners. It is available for those with relevant working experience with the Nokia NSP IP network.

Passing the 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional certification exam will take you to new heights in your professional career. It will also boost your CV, and employers would surely love to hire you for this certification.

So, what are you waiting for? Keep reading and exploring with us to get the most valuable information about the 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional certification in 2024.

What is the 4A0-AI1 Nokia Exam?

4A0-AI1 Nokia

A core certification that focuses on honing your automation abilities using customizable APIs, workflows, and intent-based networks is the Nokia 4A0-AI1 Certified NSP IP Network Automation Professional.

Like other examinations, the 4A0-AI1, also called the 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional Exam, gives Nokia some latitude to cover a wide range of topics. It implies that since they test randomly on a large pool of participants, familiarity with the bulk of the 4A0-AI1 topic is necessary.

This 4A0-AI1 Nokia, which focuses on IP network automation, gives professionals the know-how to effectively install, maintain, and troubleshoot Internet Protocol (IP) networks employing Nokia NSP. Network automation principles, programming languages and scripts, data modeling, network planning, and service automation are just a few subjects covered in the test.

By completing and passing the Nokia 4A0-AI1 test, candidates show they are adept at setting up and deploying automated IP networks, demonstrating their capacity to optimize workflows, improve network performance, and minimize manual intervention. This Nokia 4A0-AI1 certification helps firms manage their IT infrastructure, respond to changing market needs, and improve people’s job chances.

Remember that experience limits are frequently in place because of what has been observed in the ordinary individual. It might take a little more effort, but you can continue past that to do well with the Nokia 4A0-AI1.

It assesses how well they grasp the fundamentals of IP network automation, how well they use automation frameworks and tools, and how well they can use NSP features to optimize networks.

Upon earning this Nokia 4A0-AI1 NSP IP Network Automation Professional certification, individuals become acknowledged as authorities in the IP automation of networks. They may significantly contribute to transforming network designs, facilitating agile delivery of services, and enhancing overall network performance.

4A0-AI1 Nokia Exam Topics

Here are the total four topics that are included in the 4A0-AI1 Nokia Exam:

  • Overview of NSP Technology Fundamentals
  • Programmable Network Automation using NSP
  • NSP Workflow Management and Design
  • Design and Management of NSP Intent

4A0-AI1 Nokia Exam Overview

4A0-AI1 Nokia

Here are the 4A0-AI1 Nokia exam details you must know in 2024:

  • Exam Name: Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional
  • Exam Code: 4A0-AI1
  • Exam Duration: 120 minutes
  • Number of Questions: 80
  • Exam Fee: $125 USD

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  • Develop your Career with Exam 4A0-AI1 for Nokia.

One of the most prestigious professional IT certifications for career-oriented work is the 4A0-AI1 Nokia Exam. Getting this qualification will significantly advance your career. You may also sit for related future IT certification exams using the certification. Your 4A0-AI1 Nokia will open doors for you to work in many medium-sized and large-scale companies, where you may pursue the finest career options.

As a career booster, Troytec’s job is to ensure you succeed by providing genuine, reliable, and up-to-date preparation materials, making certification simple.

Updates to the Free Regular Nokia 4A0-AI1 Exam Questions

Because the 4A0-AI1 Nokia  Exam curriculum is constantly changing, you must use the most recent versions of the exam questions. For this reason, Troytec provides free updates for three months, along with the most recent Nokia Certified NSP IP Network Automation Professional 4A0-AI1 practice exam. Enjoy timely updates on the 4A0-AI1 Nokia questions from Troytec to stay ahead of the curve. For three months after purchase, take advantage of free updates to the preparatory materials for the 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional questions. This guarantees that your knowledge of the 4A0-AI1 Nokia NSP IP Network Automation Professional Composite Exam stays current with the constantly changing professional landscape.

Real 4A0-AI1 Nokia Exam Questions Samples

4A0-AI1 Nokia

Here are the best and real 4A0-AI1 Nokia exam questions samples for you to overview what our premium PDF questions file will contain:


Question 1:

Which of the following is the correct way to call and send values to a subworkflow in Python?

  1. Task 1: Test-Workflow Workflow input: my_var as input1
  2. Task 1: Test-Workflow Workflow input: {< $.my_var >} input1
  3. Task1: input: input1: (( $.my_var )) workflow: test-workflow
  4. Task 1: Test-Workflow Workflow input: my_var.$ as input1.


Question 2:

Which actions should the operator take after realizing that the nodal arrangement and the intended outcome are not aligned?

  1. Align the purpose with the nodal arrangement.
  2. Align the nodal arrangement with the intended state.
  3. Construct a new intent type following the network setup.
  4. Updating the intention


Question 3:

Please identify the meaning of the following description.

X – “uses Playbooks, which define server configuration and are written in simple YAML.”

Y is a “workflow service that aims to provide users with a cloud-based method of defining, managing, and executing tasks and workflows without having to write code.”

“A thorough specification for the intended network configuration” is Z.

W stands for “an application that uses an intuitive GUI to allow the creation of intricate operational workflows.”


A : X – Openstack Mistral –

Y – Ansible

Z: Type of intent

W: Workflow Manager (WFM) for NSP



B:   X – Ansible

Y: Mistral Openstack

Z: Workflow Manager (WFM) for NSP

W: Type of intent


C:  X – Ansible

Y: Mistral Openstack

Z: Type of intent

W: Workflow Manager (WFM) for NSP


D:  X: Workflow Manager (WFM) for NSP

Y: Mistral Openstack

Z: Type of intent

W: Ansible


Question 4:

What is the FALSE assertion regarding Model-Driven Mediation (MDM)?

  1. It is NOT compatible with devices that support CLI only.
  2. It serves as the cornerstone for multi-vendor device management support.
  3. It offers the device model translation from the AMI.
  4. Devices that implement the OpenConfig gRPC Network Administration Interface can interface with it.


Question 5:

Out of the following, which one best sums up the function of the script-content.js file that sets up intents?

  1. Preserves network configuration content.
  2. Only makes available the configuration attributes that the operator needs to see
  3. Have attributes linked to a particular intent type
  4. Comprises all of the business reasoning


Question 6:

Which of the following is FALSE regarding the NSP Authentication and Terminate Services?

  1. Fifty tokens can be used concurrently at any one moment by default.
  2. Before requesting a new bearer token, the current one must be revoked.
  3. When the limit has been met, a “Service Unavailable” error will be returned on any further requests for tokens.
  4. A bearer token’s default validity is 3600 seconds.


Question 7:

Which of the following describes the Model-driven Mediation (MDM) structure of Nokia’s Network Services Platform (NSP) as FALSE?

  1. The YANG data model is its foundation.
  2. The NETCONF protocol is used.
  3. It offers a simplified perspective of the network element.
  4. It is independent of vendors.


Question 8:

Which BEST describes what is NOT driving the switch from conventional to SDN networks?

  1. The launch of 5G networks
  2. The growth of IoT-capable gadgets
  3. The control plane and data plane are closely coupled.
  4. Examining traffic at multiple Tbps with up to a million active flows


Question 9:

Which command from the list below should be used to obtain the system token?

  1. Bearer VEtOLVNBTXFhZDQ3MzE5ZjQtNWEzNC00NTZkLTk5YzQtZTg4NzUxZjQ0YjNl’s permission
  2. Bearer <% env().token_auth %> Authorization
  3. Bearer <% token_auth.env() %> Authorization
  4. Bearer Authorization <% env().auth_token%>


Question 10:

Which of the following sums up an ad hoc action’s fundamental characteristic the best?

  1. It indicates the primary function upon which the wrapper is based.
  2. It’s the moniker of a task-related action.
  3. The variables that are published in the workflow context are defined.
  4. It describes the runtime variables that are obtained.



Troytec’s study resources for the 4A0-AI1 Nokia test are an excellent option if you’re preparing for the Nokia certification because they include all the essential content in an easy-to-read format. The material has been prepared and confirmed by industry professionals to ensure you receive the greatest outcomes. Additionally, the information is updated often to guarantee you are constantly familiar with the most recent exam topics. It is user-friendly and accessible as a PC practice test program and PDF file. It also has several study aids, such as an exam generator and question bank. Comment below if you have any questions about the 4A0-AI1 Nokia exam and get the best response from our professional team!


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)


What is the Nokia 4A0-AI1 Exam?

Nokia 4A0-AI1 Certified NSP IP Network Automation Professional is a fundamental certification that emphasizes refining your automation skills with configurable APIs, processes, and intent-based networks.

How Many Questions Are There in the Nokia 4A0-AI1 Exam?

There are a total of 80 questions in the Nokia 4A0-AI1 exam.

What is the 4A0-AI1 exam cost in 2024?

The Nokia 4A0-AI1 exam cost in 2024 is only $125 USD.

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