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Understanding the importance of the study guide and curriculum in the Cisco-700-150 certification exam is an excellent place to start while preparing for the Cisco Sales Expert (ICS) test. This study guide is a tool to help you understand the structure of the Intro to Cisco Sales Cisco-700-150 test and to help you align with Cisco.

To help you evaluate your ability to prepare for the Cisco-150-750 ICS exam by highlighting prerequisite areas of expertise, our team of experts has put together this Cisco 700-150 exam preparation guide. It includes an overview of the Cisco-700-150 introduction to the Cisco Sales exam, learning resources, sample questions, practice exams, and ways to interpret the Cisco-700-150 exam objectives.

The main goal of the introduction to the Cisco 700-150 sales exam is to provide salespeople and account managers with a fundamental understanding of Cisco solutions and products. It intends to improve Cisco’s capacity to market its products and services successfully.

So, continue exploring and reading to learn how to pass the Cisco-700-150 exam with the highest marks. We will also introduce you to some sample questions that will help you identify what our premium PDF questions material includes in 2024.

What Is Introduction To Cisco 700-150 Sales Exam?


The purpose of the Cisco-700-150 exam is to assess an applicant’s understanding and abilities related to account management and the services and solutions offered by Cisco technology.

The ICS Cisco-700–150 The Introduction to Cisco Sales test covers a broad variety of subjects, including understanding Cisco’s sales methodology and pitching security and collaboration products.

Cisco Systems offers a certification exam called the Cisco-700-150 Exam, which measures a candidate’s knowledge and proficiency in installing, configuring, and using Cisco routers and switches in a company with a small to medium-sized branch network. Those who want to prove their expertise in network administration, network engineering, and network design while continuing to work in these fields can take this test.

Candidates must hold a current Cisco Certified Entry Network Technician (CCENT) or Cisco Certified Networking Associate (CCNA) certificate to sit for the 700-150 exam. The test has 65–75 questions, and you have 90 minutes to do it. It’s available at testing locations worldwide and comes in several languages. People who pass the Cisco-700-150 Exam can get approved as Cisco Certified Network Professionals, a highly regarded and generally accepted certificate in the networking industry.

You will study how to close deals using Cisco’s collaboration products, such as Contact Center, Webex Teams, and Webex Conferences. You’ll comprehend the benefits of these solutions and know how to market them to clients.

Similarly, you will discover how to market Cisco’s security products, including email security, endpoint safety, and cloud security. You’ll know each solution’s salient characteristics and how to arrange them best to satisfy client demands.

You will learn how to market Cisco’s corporate and digital networking products, DC and cloud architectural solutions, and communication and security. You’ll comprehend the many elements of these remedies and how a customer’s company’s operations might profit from them.

What are the Cisco-700-150 Exam Topics?

Here is the range of topics for the Cisco-700-150 exam, which you must master before taking the final exam:

  • Cisco Certification – 10%
  • Selling Collaboration Solutions – 16%
  • Selling Security Solutions – 18%
  • Selling Cisco’s Enterprise and Digital Network – 22%
  • Selling Cisco’s DC and Cloud Architecture – 18%
  • Cisco’s Approach to Selling – 16%

Cisco-700-150 Exam Details

Now, here are the informative exam details you should know before taking the actual exam in 2024:

  • Exam Name: Introduction to Cisco Sales
  • Exam Code: 700-150
  • Number of Questions: 55-65
  • Exam Duration: 90 minutes
  • Passing Score: 750 to 850 / 1000
  • Exam Fee: $80
  • Exam Registration Vendor: Pearson VUE

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Cisco 700-150

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Cisco-700-150 Exam Sample Questions

Cisco 700-150

Here are the Cisco 700-150 exam sample questions you must know before taking the actual exam in 2024:


Question 1:

Which of these actions is the first move Cisco plans to take by 2022 to lessen its environmental impact?

  1. Cisco wants to run at least 35% of its worldwide operations on solar energy.
  2. Cisco wants to utilize at least 85% of the energy the corporation uses worldwide to come from renewable sources.
  3. Cisco is striving to reach 99 percent system performance and is improving product energy use.
  4. Cisco wants to cut its worldwide operations’ greenhouse gas emissions by 15%.


Question 2:

What occurs when a client updates hardware using Cisco ONE?

  1. The client needs to buy brand-new software licenses.
  2. The customer is not charged extra to transfer or update software or upgrade to the following hardware tier.
  3. The client has to buy new licenses for the subsequent hardware level but can upgrade hardware within the same tier and port software for free.
  4. The client can upgrade to higher-tier hardware and pay the difference in software costs, or they may stay with the same gear and transfer their program for free.


Question 3:

Which of the following best sums up the virtualized branch of NFV ENCS?

  1. An overlay WAN architecture provided by the cloud that helps businesses with their digital and cloud transformation
  2. A combination of technologies offers the same capability with a reduced infrastructure footprint by fusing the advantages of a traditional server and router.
  3. A security program that reduces vulnerabilities to provide branch and customer protection when it’s most needed
  4. A network device that checks the accuracy of the whole network mathematically


Question 4:

How does Cisco generate and capture business value?

  1. Identifying the skills, solutions, and business priorities that support the customer-defined outcomes
  2. Developing strategies with the sales team to enable their sales staff to achieve company objectives
  3. Exploring the problems that clients are having and integrating input from earlier projects
  4. tracking each team’s progress in fulfilling its commitments


Question 5:

What is the name of the virtualized branch of NFV ENCS?

  1. A security software that reduces vulnerabilities to provide branch and customer protection when they’re most needed
  2. A network device that checks the accuracy of the whole network mathematically
  3. A hybrid platform that offers the same capability with a reduced infrastructure footprint by fusing the advantages of a standard server and a typical router.
  4. An overlay WAN architecture provided by the cloud that helps organizations with their digital and cloud transformation


Question 6:

How does Cisco handle sales of business outcomes?

  1. Cisco’s strategy is centered on setting itself apart as the industry leader in security solutions from a profit-centric viewpoint.
  2. Cisco’s strategy is centered on creating a business-focused viewpoint of the customer enterprise by examining demands and business results from a customer-centric angle.
  3. Cisco’s strategy is customer-centric and aims to increase revenue while cutting expenses.
  4. Cisco’s strategy centers on providing the goods and resources its sales force needs to grow its market share.


Question 7:

What capabilities are necessary to address the whole attack continuum before an assault?

  1. Response and Preventive
  2. Investigative and Proactive
  3. Reactive and Predictive
  4. Forecast and Preventive


Question 8:

Which kinds of collaboration endpoints does Cisco provide?

  1. mobile, tablet, desktop, room, and virtual
  2. room, desktop, and virtual
  3. mobile, virtual, and phone
  4. mobile, room, desktop, and phone


Question 9:

Which security phases would Cisco Next Generation Firewalls be implemented in?

  1. Following an assault
  2. In the event of an assault
  3. Before an assault
  4. Both before and after an assault


Question 10:

Which of the following is included in the Offering Pattern Reference Modeling?

  1. opportunity paradigms, price schedules, service contracts, and routes to market
  2. services provided, rates listed, terms of service, and routes to market
  3. products, routes to market, cost plans, and service contracts
  4. Price strategies, markets, locations, and routes to market



You may have some queries about the format, kinds of questions, degree of difficulty, and time needed to answer the questions before you take the Cisco-700-150 exam. You may get rid of these questions and get ready for the examination by using the Cisco Sales Expert (ICS) practice questions and trial exam.

The best strategy is increasing your knowledge and pushing yourself to pass the Cisco-700-150 test. We advise you to prepare with the Premium Cisco 700-150 Certification Prepare Exam to assess your knowledge and pinpoint areas for development using the actual exam format. The practice test is one of the most crucial components of your introduction to the Cisco 700-150 sales exam study plan. It will help you identify your areas of good and bad performance, enhance your time management abilities, and estimate your score.


FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

What Is Cisco 700-150?

The ICS Cisco-700–150 The Introduction to Cisco Sales test covers a broad choice of subjects, including understanding Cisco’s sales methodology and pitching security and collaboration products.


How Much Does A Cisco Exam Cost?

Except for the CCIE lab examinations, Pearson VUE organizes all Cisco exams. Pearson VUE provides two options for exam payment:

  • When you register for a test, use your payment card.
  • Use your Cisco Learning Credits to purchase and pay for an exam voucher before scheduling it.


Are Certification Tests Subject To Expiration?

Indeed. Exam expiry dates ensure applicants finish multiple exam certifications within the allotted period. Certification exams taken at the associate, specialist, and professional levels are valid for three years from passing.

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